Is It Worth Getting Solar In The Central Coast NSW

Updated: February 14, 2022

In Central Coast NSW, over 25% of households have installed solar power systems. The state government has done a great job getting more people to purchase and install solar power to reduce demand on the grid. At the same time, many are wondering if it is worth getting solar in Central Coast NSW.

If you live in Central Coast NSW, installing solar on your property is worth it. Considering you can slash your power bills by an average of 90%, and the panels paying for themselves in just 3 years, installing solar panels on the Central Coast is a no-brainer.

Coupled with the generous rebate on solar offered to Central Coast residents as well as the mandated feed-in tariffs, it really is hard to go wrong.

Is It Worth Getting Solar In The Central Coast NSW

Lots of Sunshine

With plenty of sunshine in Central Coast NSW, you can never go wrong with solar. As a renewable energy source, solar power relies on sunshine.

Every day the sun shines is a day you don’t have to rely on the erratic electric grid in the country.

Yours can easily become the home with electricity even with frequent blackouts. Ensuring that you are comfortable and can carry on with your home activities and life with no interruption.

Low Cost of Purchase

Over the last decade, the cost of solar power systems has reduced significantly in Central Coast NSW.

Federal and state government efforts and increasing demand from households have led to this.

In addition, solar panel making technology has advanced and led to lower costs of production and sales.

The federal and NSW state governments offer incentives to lower the cost of purchase of solar panels.

These incentives from the government include up to 33% discounts on the price of the solar systems. And, interest-free loans for the purchase and installation of solar systems in your home.

As the price of solar systems falls, government incentives will be scrapped soon. This is the time for price-sensitive customers to purchase and install solar in their Central Coast homes.

Solar Feed-In Tariffs

Solar feed-in tariffs are payments made to solar system owners who export their excess power to the electricity grid.

They are additional benefits for the installation of solar on your property.

To get solar feed-in tariffs, you need to get into an agreement with electricity retailers. They will offer a rate at which they will pay for the power you export to the grid.

You will need a smart meter from your electricity retailer to measure how much power your system exports to the grid.

If you still need to use electricity, you can use feed-in tariffs to offset your bill. Which can result in reducing or eliminating your power bill.

No Need For Council Approval

To encourage more installations of solar on homes, the law in Central Coast NSW changed to ensure that households don’t need council approvals to install solar.

If the roof you intend to install solar panels on doesn’t face the street, you can install without council approval.

Council approvals take up lots of time. By eliminating them, the state government ensures that you can purchase and install solar panels on your home immediately.

Make Huge Savings On Your Power Bill

Every year, households face a rising power bill. Right now, many households are unable to pay their power bills. Thus, energy retailers and the government have more people to help.

If you install solar in your home, you will be less reliant on the electric grid. Consequently, your electric bill will reduce drastically.

Depending on your electricity usage, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your annual electricity bill. You can even save more over the lifetime of the solar system.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Another reason you need to consider installing solar in Central Coast NSW is to protect the environment.

Solar is an environmentally friendly energy source. It relies on natural sunshine rather than on burned fossil fuels.

Thus, installing solar in your property helps reduce the demand for fossil-based electricity. Consequently, there is less destruction to the environment.

Installing solar in your Central Coast property ensures you have done your part in making the environment better.

Solar Is A One Time Investment

Another reason why getting solar in Central Coast NSW is worth is that it is a one-time investment.

Purchase and install your solar panels. After this, you never have to pay any other costs.

Solar panels are durable. They last for 25 years before you need to replace them.

Depending on your solar system capacity, you can enjoy 25 years free from electricity bills.

Solar panels require little to no maintenance.

For a low cost, you can change your lifestyle forever.

How Much Does Solar Cost In Central Coast NSW

The cost of solar power systems depends on the capacity of the system. The larger the capacity, the higher the price.

The price of solar in Central Coast NSW ranges from $3,755 for a 3KW system to $8,429 for a 10KW capacity system.

The most commonly purchased solar system for the average household is the 6KW system. It produces sufficient power to run your appliances and your home.
For $5,992, you can purchase and install this solar system in your home.

Depending on the installer you choose, you may have to pay a lower or higher price.


There is a rebate on solar batteries in Central Coast NSW.

You are eligible for the rebate if your household has an annual income of about $180,000.

You can then receive an interest-free loan worth $14,000 to purchase a solar panel system and a solar battery.

With a solar battery installed, you can avoid reliance on the electric grid. Solar battery stores excess power produced by your solar panels.

This ensures that you can use solar to power your home at night or on cloudy days when there’s no sun.

Your investment in solar panels will pay back in 3 to 4 years. This is as a result of the huge savings you will make with less or no electricity bills.

Solar panels save you about $400 annually per KW of power used. If you have low power usage, you could save even more money.

If you install a solar battery, it is possible to live off the grid. Fully self-sustaining for all your energy needs.

Yes, you can get small-scale technology certificates once you install solar in Central Coast NSW.

STCs are awarded by the government to everyone that purchases a renewable energy system in Australia.

The STCs are awarded depending on the size of the system purchased and how much it is expected to produce over its lifetime.

STCs are also awarded based on the location of your property. The more sunshine it receives, the more STCs it is awarded as it is expected to produce more power.

STCs cost about $40 each. Depending on the size of your system, the STCs awarded can get you huge discounts on purchase and installation.

The weather in Central Coast NSW is suitable for solar power systems installation and use.

Central Coast enjoys the sunshine on most days over the year and light showers. Further, its winters are not so cold. This is perfect weather for solar power use.

If you install solar panels, you are sure that they will get sunshine for the majority of the year. If you install a solar battery, you can store enough energy for the days in the year without sunshine.