Solar Rebate For 6Kw Solar System

Updated: January 25, 2022

The solar rebate on a 6kW solar system will depend on the state you live in. Different states have different rates.

Rebate amounts depend on the state you live in. In VIC and the ACT you will get a $2,387 rebate on a 6kW system. In NSW, QLD, SA, WA you will receive $2,849 rebate.

The federal and state governments started rebate programs to encourage more people to install solar systems in their homes.

Where You Live

The Clean Energy Council has zoned Australia into 4 parts to administer the solar rebate. The areas in zone 1 and 2 have higher rebates than zone 3 and 4.

Zone 1 and 2 have higher rebate rates since they enjoy more sunshine and have a higher rate of production of solar power.

Additionally, different states have different rebates for new solar customers. Some states don’t have rebates and you can only enjoy a federal rebate there. While in others, you can get a range of rebates for your solar system.

Small-scale Technology Certificates

Small-scale technology certificates or STC are tradable certificates whose value is based on the price of carbon in the market. Depending on your state, every new solar customer receives STCs to lower the price of purchase and installation of the solar system.

How many STCs you receive and the price of the STC will determine your rebate. The current price is $38.50 as of writing this article.

Here is a great tool for calculating your rebate.

Rebate For A 6kW Solar System By State 2021

NSW, QLD, WA, SA, 74$2,849
VIC, ACT62$2,387


NSW has a rebate that reduces your purchase and installation by about 33%. The NSW state government provides rebates by offering STCs to new solar customers. 1 STC is equivalent to 1mWh produced by your system.

The NSW solar rebate is priced at $38.50 per STC. In dollars that works out to be $2,849.


Queensland doesn’t provide solar rebates at the state level. However, when you buy solar panels in QLD you can enjoy federal-level rebates. New solar customers in QLD receive rebates in terms of STCs. Like all STC programs, the higher the capacity of your solar system, the more STCs you get, and the higher the discount.

In QLD, if you buy a 6kW solar system, you will receive a $2,849 rebate.


New solar customers in Victoria enjoy huge discounts on their purchases and installation. Victoria has state-level solar rebates as well as federal STC-based rebates. Thus you can get generous discounts when you purchase solar panels.

When you buy a 6kW solar system in Victoria, you can expect to get a $2,387 rebate.


Tasmania doesn’t have a state solar rebate. However, new solar customers enjoy the federal STC rebate. Tasmania is in zone 4 according to the Australian Clean Energy Council. This means that Tasmania doesn’t have ample sunshine and, installing solar panels will not yield as much electricity as in other states.

When you buy a 6kW solar system from accredited installers, you can expect a $2,387 rebate. Tasmania offers solar customers in the state interest-free loans as part of their solar adoption program.

Western Australia

The state of Western Australia doesn’t offer solar rebates to new customers in the state. However, you can still enjoy the federal rebate by gaining STCs when you purchase a solar system.

You can expect a rebate of $2,849 or 74 STC’s when buying a 6kW solar system in Western Australia.

South Australia

If you are in South Australia you can enjoy both the federal government rebate by claiming STCs or the state-government rebate of $2,849 for a 6kW solar system.

How Much Power Does A 6kW Solar System Produce

A 6kW solar system produces 24kWh of electricity per day. The average Australian home will use up to 20kWh of electricity daily. Thus a 6kW solar system will produce more than sufficient electricity to power your home.

When your solar panel system produces more electricity than you can consume, you can feed it back into the grid. Your electricity retailer will pay an agreed amount known as a feed-in tariff in exchange for supplying your excess solar power to the grid.

The feed-in tariff offsets your electric bill. It helps reduce or eliminate any electricity bill that you may receive for using electricity after you have installed solar panels in your house.

How Much Does A 6kW Solar System Cost

Depending on where you live, the 6Kw solar system costs $5,000 to $10,000 with the rebate included. At this price, you will get high-quality and efficient solar panels for your home. 

Over the years, the price of solar panels has been reducing gradually. Technology advances in the solar panel production processes and the government rebate program have helped lower the cost of solar panels.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For A 6kW Solar System?

How many solar panels you need for any solar system depends on the capacity of the solar panels you buy.

If you buy 370w solar panels, you will need about 16 panels for a 6Kw solar system.

Make sure you have enough roof space to install these solar panels. An inspection before installation will let you know if you have enough roof space.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For A 6kW Solar System

Can I DIY Solar Installation

No. If you want to enjoy a rebate, feed-in tariffs, and other warranty benefits of your solar system, you should have an accredited solar installer do it for you.

Further, if your solar panel system will be connected to the grid, a professional installer must ensure that the installation is safe.

You can get an accredited solar installer easily by using the tool.

At the top of the tool, indicate your location zip code. You will then fill a form that provides more information on what you want.

You will then receive three quotes and advice on the best solar system for your home from three accredited installers. You can then choose one of them to install the system in your home.


How long it takes to pay back a 6kW solar system depends on the price you bought the system at, its productivity, and your usage.

A highly productive solar system acquired at a low price coupled with little to no use of grid power ensures that you make more savings faster. Consequently, your system can pay back itself faster.

It takes about 4 to 5 years to recoup the costs of a 6kW system. With a lifetime of up to 25 years, the other years provide you with free power.

You need to know the daily output of the solar system and compare it to your daily electricity usage. The 6kW system produces at least 24kWh of power per day. If your household uses this amount of electricity or less, the 6kW system is right for you.

You can find out your power usage by checking your current and previous electricity bills. They will provide you with the exact power usage of your household over time. It will help you to decide on the best solar system for you.

Yes. Both the federal government and state governments will eliminate solar rebates by 2030. The phase-out is gradual. Every year the rebate amount reduces until the year 2030 when it gets to zero.

If you want to install a solar system in your house, this is the time to do it. Before the rebate ends. You will get a great discount that allows you to recoup your investment faster than if you purchase a solar system without a rebate.

The availability of rebates helps lower the price of solar systems you can purchase for your home. Once the rebate program ends, solar system prices will be substantially high.