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Bidhan Bhuson Roy

Review Board Member
Research Assistant on Sustainability
Expertise: Environmental Science, Bio-economy, Sustainability


  • Professional surveyor at Envirotech International.
  • Works at The University of British Columbia as a Graduate Research Assistant on sustainability.
  • Bidhan has conducted some in-depth original studies for Go Solar Quotes.


Starting his professional career as a surveyor at Envirotech International in 2016, Bidhan worked with Pathao on data mapping projects, using his Python Data Science accreditation to contribute to the project. Bidhan has been sharing skills and knowledge fact-checking articles on GoSolarQuotes. Bidhan also works at The University of British Columbia as a Graduate Research Assistant on sustainability and contributes to notable online publications in the sustainability and conservation field.


Bidhan has a Masters degree in Environmental Science and Management and a PhD in Bio-economy and Philosophy from the University of British Columbia.

Latest by Bidhan Bhuson Roy

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Ever thought about how much power your household chews through and what it does to your electricity bill? You’re not alone. Just like heaps of Aussie homes decked out with solar panels, getting to grips with how much electricity your place uses can uncover the savings you’re likely to find by switching to solar power. …

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Is the cost of your electricity bill is too high? Considering a move to renewable energy sources? Solar energy is your best choice upon which you can surely rely on. A 3 kW system might be the perfect entry point whether you’re looking to dip your toes in or if your home is on the …

Parabolic trough collector

A solar collector is a device that converts solar energy to heat and has a lot of uses. Solar collectors have a range of applications. These include: Solar water heating systems Solar space heating and cooling Solar refrigeration Industrial process heat Solar desalination process Solar thermal power systems Solar furnaces Solar chemistry applications Solar cookers …

Charging Tenants for Solar Power

With the rise in electricity costs, solar energy appears to be a more affordable and better option for both home and property owners. However, is it permissible for a landlord to bill their tenants for the use of solar energy? Yes. Landlords can charge tenants1 for solar power, but the terms must be laid out …

Amount of Solar Energy Hitting Earth infographic

Is the amount of solar power sent to Earth by the sun every day adequate to satisfy human energy needs? Every single moment, the sunlight that reaches Earth is way more than what the whole world needs for energy in a year. If we can capture and save solar energy in a way that’s not …

Seraphim solar panels review

Solar is among the leading contenders for sustainable sources of energy. But, are solar panels really sustainable? Yes, solar panels are sustainable. Solar panels are made from silicon, metal, and glass. Silica which is used to make silicon is the most abundant mineral in the crust of the earth. Glass and metal are also extremely …

Should you be contemplating putting in solar panels or have just had a new system set up, you may be curious about what’s required in terms of maintenance and care. Solar panels are not difficult to maintain. They are specifically designed for the outdoors and are made to withstand any type of weather. However, they …

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