30 kW Solar Panels Cost

30kW solar systems are perfect for Aussie small to medium businesses with annual power bills of about $15,000 or higher.

A 30kWh solar system installed will cost around $28,957 on average installed. This price is after the government rebate of $8,818 has been applied.

With a payback period of between 3 – 5 years, depending on your power consumption, it’s a no-brainer if you own the building and have no plan to move in the next five years.

How much energy will a 30kW solar system produce?

The actual power output of a 30kW solar system varies widely depending on several factors, but on average you can expect the output to be between 100 and 120kWh per day.

  • Summer vs winter. Longer sunlight hours mean more power
  • Location in Australia
  • Weather condition

30kW solar system output in Australia’s Capital Cities

Capital City Approximate average daily energy yieldApproximate average annual energy yield
Adelaide109 - 122kWh45,990kWh
Brisbane 116 - 122kWh45,990kWh
Canberra 108 - 124kWh47,085kWh
Melbourne94 - 108kWh39,420kWh
Perth120 - 131kWh48,180kWh
Hobart86 - 99kWh38,325kWh
Sydney 102 - 113kWh42,705kWh

Is 30kW the right solar system size for you?

Whether or not the 30kW solar system is right for your business will depend on the following factors:

Available roof space

Typically, a 30kW solar system requires at least 140m2-220m2 of roof space. However, the amount of space needed will depend on the solar panels’ wattage, and whether tilt angle frames will be required.

Average daily consumption

Your average daily power consumption will determine the solar system size you need. If you use between 80kWh and 120kWh of power, a 30kW solar system will be the right size for you.

In most places in Australia, homeowners or businesspeople with solar systems of over 10kW will not receive feed-in credit payments for surplus solar energy sent into the grid. Therefore, if your solar system produces excess power that you cannot use directly, there will be no financial benefit for you.

For this reason, you need to find a competent solar system installation team to assess your solar needs and advise you on the best system size for your home or business.

Your budget

If space is not the problem, your budget will determine the solar system size you will invest in. To be on the safe side, always plan early and start saving towards the system you wish to buy.

What kind of business does a 30kW commercial solar PV system suit best?

The 30kW solar system is ideal for small to medium-sized business establishments.

If you are unsure of the system size you should buy, reach out to experts through the gosolarquotes.com website for help.

What is the average payback period for a 30kW solar system?

On average, the payback period for a high-quality 30kW solar system ranges between 3-5 years. Factors like daily usage during sunshine hours and the type of electrical equipment used will affect the payback period of your system.

The panels’ IRR (internal rates of return) can hit 20% – 30% across the country.

How much roof space is required for a 30kW Solar Power System?

The amount of roof space you will need depends on the type of panels you use. Panels with a higher wattage will be more efficient, so you will only need a few of them on your roof.

For instance, a 250W solar panel measures approximately 1.7m x 1m. So, for a 30kW solar system, you will require about 50.0m2 of roof space.

How much roof space is required for a 30kW Solar Power System

How many solar batteries do I need for a 30kW solar energy system?

To work out the number of batteries or size of battery needed for a 30kwh solar system, you will first need to look at the output and usage. The average daily output for a 30kW solar system is approximately 120kWh. Therefore, you will need batteries to store about 70% of that (84kWh) for use at night. 

The Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries are one of the best options in the market. Each battery stores about 14kWh. Therefore, you will need 6 batteries to generate the required 84kWh for your solar energy system.

Have you set your mind on the 30kW solar system?

Now that you have done your research and know the cost and payback period of a 30kW solar system, it is time to get a reliable solar installer to install your new system. If you do not know any local installers, we can help you get a free quote instantly.

Have you set your mind on the 30kW solar system

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The 30kW solar system is a large generation unit suited for small to medium-sized businesses. This system can be ideal for residential use, provided you have enough roof space and your power consumption is consistently high.

On average, the 30kW solar system produces between 110kWh and 180kWh of power daily. Around 82 to 120 CEC-approved solar modules are usually paired with this system, but the actual number will depend on the wattage of the panels you use. You will also need a 27kW, or two 15kW CEC-approved inverters, electrical kit, and roof mounting approved for use in Australia.

The amount of money you can save from your 30kW solar system will depend on how much electricity you use in your business or home.

However, the Australian power grid is the most expensive in the world. Even if you turn to a conventional grid, keeping your home or business powered around the clock may still be costly.

Suppose your system generates an average of 120kWh daily, and you pay a 25c tariff to your solar provider. In this case, you can save up to $30 per day from your 30kW solar system, provided you consume all the power your system generates. So, your estimated annual savings will be approximately $10,950.

If you want to lower your monthly power bill, the 30kW solar system is an excellent investment. With proper care and maintenance, the system can yield results for more than 15 years.

30kW solar systems consist of different numbers of modules depending on the size of solar panel you use. Below are some common panel sizes that can make up a 30kW solar system.

  • 240W (125 x solar modules to make 30kW)
  • 250W (120 x solar modules to make 30kW)
  • 260W (115 x solar modules to make 30kW)
  • 300W (100 x solar modules to make 30kW)
  • 330W (91 x solar modules to make 30kW)

This depends on your daily power consumption. If your business consumes between 120kWh and 180kWh, then a 30kW solar power system is an excellent choice for you. With this system, you will reduce your electricity bill by a considerable amount.

Typically, the cost of a solar system depends on your daily usage, the sunshine hours you receive per day, and whether you have alternative sources of energy. Therefore, you cannot use square footage to estimate the solar watts you need to run your home.

Below is a table that represents a sample of different combinations of power usage for Australian households per month.

Square FootageElectrical Usage (kWh)Average kWh / Square FootPV Watts Needed to Cover 100% of kWh UsagePV Watts / Square FootMain Heating Source

Before you buy any solar system, it is crucial to know the best panels in the market. The top brands include:

  • Sunpower Maxeon 3
  • LG Neon R
  • REC Alpha Series
  • Jinko Tiger 66-cell
  • Solarwatt Vision 60M
  • Hyundai VG Series
  • Q Cells Q.Peak DUO G8
  • Longi Hi-M04
  • Winaico Gemini Series
  • Phono Twin Plus