How much does a 7kW solar system cost?

7kW solar systems are quickly gaining favour with larger households and aren’t too much of a burden on those who have a little extra room in their finances.

The average cost of a 7kW solar system will cost around $7,468. You can go for a top-quality system that costs more, or a good balance of quality and price.

The table below provides average costs for 7kW solar systems for both standard and premium solar panels in Australia’s capital cities.

City Average cost (standard panels)Average cost (premium panels)
Adelaide, SA$7,468$8,901
Brisbane, QLD$7,468$8,901
Canberra, ACT$7,468$8,901
Darwin, NT $7,468$8,901
Hobart, TAS$7,907$10,295
Melbourne, VIC$7,907$10,295
Sydney, NSW $7,468$8,901
Perth, WA$7,468$8,901
Average $7,577$9,249

What is the typical power output for a 7kW solar system?

A good quality, efficient 7kW solar system produces between 28kWh per day. The actual output capacity of the system depends on the following factors.

  • Geographical location – some cities produce more energy than others.
  • Climate
  • Orientation and the pitch of the panels
  • Shading from surrounding trees and building
  • Operating temperature of the solar panels.
  • Quality of the panels and inverters

With reliable solar panel installers, you will get the most out of your system. The technicians will position the panels to make sure they produce the most energy possible, even on rainy and cloudy days.

How many solar panels will a 7kW Solar Power System have?

The number of solar panels needed for a 7kW solar system depends on the output of the individual panel. Below are common panel sizes that can make up a 7kW solar panel system.

  • 240W (29 x solar panels to make 7kW)
  • 250W (28 x solar panels to make 7kW)
  • 260W (27 x solar panels to make 7kW)
  • 300W (23 x solar panels to make 7kW)
  • 330W (22 x solar panels to make 7kW)
How many solar panels will a 7kW Solar Power

How much space does a 7kW Solar Power System require?

The number of panels that can make up a 7kW solar system will depend on the size of the panels (in watts).

Since an average solar panel measures 1.7m x 1m, you will need 22 x 330W panels which take up about 38m2.

Less efficient solar panels like 250W will require 28 panels tend to be more efficient, and you may not need as many on your roof.

7kW solar power system output in Australia’s Capital Cities

The table below gives you a rough idea of how much energy a north-facing 7kW solar power system operating at an efficiency ratio of 75% can generate in Australia’s capital cities. Keep in mind that the system will produce more energy during summer than in winter because of the difference in days.

Capital City Approximate average daily energy yieldApproximate average annual energy yield
Adelaide25 - 29 kWh10,731kWhs
Brisbane 27 - 29kWh10,731kWhs
Darwin 31kWh11,242kWhs
Canberra 25 - 29 kWh10,987kWhs
Melbourne 22 - 25kWh9,198kWhs
Perth 28 - 31kWh11,242kWhs
Hobart20 - 23kWh8,943kWhs
Sydney 24 - 26kWh9,965kWhs

Is 7kW the right solar system size for you?

This comes down to how much power you use daily. To determine what system size will be ideal for you, you need to assess your daily energy needs. If you use an average of 31kWh per day, the 7kW system would be a perfect choice.

Your budget and the available space on your roof will also determine the size of the solar system you can install. If you have enough room on your roof and a flexible budget, installing the 7kW system will help you offset your monthly power bill.

What kind of household does a 7kW solar PV system suit best?

The 7kW solar system is perfect for large households with a pool, large electrical appliances, reverse-cycle air conditioning, and a monthly electricity budget of $500 or more. If you use below 31kWh of power, you could consider a 5kW solar system size to get the most out of it.

What kind of household does a 7kW solar PV system suit best

What is the average payback period for a 7kW solar system?

On average, the payback period for a 7kW solar system is between 2.5 to 4 years.

The payback period for a good quality system depends on how much power you use in your home or business. These days, solar-feed tariffs are relatively low in almost every state, and the credits you can receive from your solar system will depend on your solar network.

payback period 7kw solar panel system

Self-consumption is, therefore, the best way to save on your system. The reasoning behind this is that your system’s power is more worthy to you if you use it yourself than when you send it back to the power grid. In simple terms, every kWh you use is a kWh of electricity you do not need to buy from the grid. Therefore, you can save about 18¢-¢40 on your electricity bill, depending on your electricity retailer’s charges and location.

How much money can a 7kW solar PV system save me?

how much money saved with 7kW solar system anually

The amount of money you can save with a 7kW system depends on how much energy you can use when it is being generated. The more energy you consume, the more money you will save. Typically, you can save about 20 to 30 cents, depending on how much your power bill costs. So, for the power sent back to the grid, you can expect to earn between 5-12 cents per kWh, depending on your solar retailer.

Potentially, you can save between $400 to $700 per quarterly bill. With such savings, you will significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills.

7kW solar system with battery storage

Whether you want to install a new system or you would like to upgrade your existing one, installing battery storage has become much easier than before. For existing solar energy systems, AC coupling has made it extremely easy to hook battery storage systems to your property. The battery system connects directly to your home’s power supply.

For the 7kW solar system, you will need a battery with at least 19.6kWh in capacity. However, the price of batteries differs depending on their quality, brand, and provider. Before choosing a particular battery system, it is paramount to get several quotes from different providers. Once you know the average prices, you can select a system that meets your needs.

7kW solar system with battery storage

Have you set your mind on the 7kW solar energy system?

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The 7kW solar system is one of the most popular system sizes because of its versatility. This system is best suited for large homes with relatively high power needs. This system is priced competitively, making it affordable to Australian households.

This will entirely depend on your daily power needs and whether you wish to lower your monthly electricity bills. If you consume between 20kWh to 30kWh per day, the 7kW system would be ideal for you.

There are so many solar panel brands in the market, and getting the best one may be quite daunting. When choosing solar modules, you need to check their quality, efficiency, performance, warranties, and Clean energy council approval.

It is imperative to choose a CEC-approved retailer to be able to claim rebates in your state. For instance, if you are an eligible Victorian resident, you can only claim the Solar Victoria Rebate if you work with an approved retailer.

On that note, some of the best panels in the market include:

7Kw solar price compared to other system sizes

Most people install anywhere from 5kW to 7kW solar systems as this encompasses the average energy usage for a typical household.

System prices:

1.5kW = $3,198

3kW = $4,094

5kW = $5,726

6kW = $6,709

7 kW = $7,468

8 kW = $8,229

10 kW = $9,623