9kW Solar Panel System Cost

A 9kW solar system is ideal for larger homes, producing between 32 and 40kW each day. You will need 36.4 square metres of north-facing roof space to accommodate the 22 panels.

The average cost of a 9kW solar system is $8,805. The price ranges between $8,267 and  $9,504 depending on the state you live in, and the STC rebate received.

Your average savings per month will be $306, and your payback period is a little as 3 .4 years.

Solar prices vary widely depending on the brand and quality of the panels and the installer network you choose. The cost also differs from one city to another due to taxes, logistics, and climate.

The Australian government rebate scheme has made things easier for many households by providing incentives for solar panel systems. More people can now afford solar power, thus reducing their monthly electricity bills by a great extent.

Below are the average costs of 9kW solar systems in Australia’s capital cities.

City Average cost
Adelaide, SA$8,945
Brisbane, QLD $8,945
Canberra, ACT$8,945
Hobart, TAS$9,504
Melbourne, VIC$9,504
Sydney, NSW $8,945
Perth, WA$8,945
Average $9,104

9kW solar energy system power output

The 9kW solar system generates between 32kWh to 40kWh of energy per day. However, the actual power output of the system depends on variables such as:

  • Location and climate
  • Positioning/orientation of the panels
  • Quality and size of your panels and inverter system
  • Presence/absence of Shading
  • Performance of individual components of the system

The amount of sunlight in your region is the most important factor. Solar panels harness the most electricity during peak hours around 12noon or 1 pm. Since the sun’s peak hours vary from one region to another, your solar installation company will position the panels such that they receive as much sunlight as possible throughout the year. Typically, your system will produce more electricity during summer than in winter.

9kW solar system output in Australia’s Capital Cities

Capital City Approximate average daily energy yieldApproximate average annual energy yield
Brisbane 36kWh13,797kWh
Canberra 37kWh14,126kWh
Sydney 32kWh12,812kWh

How many panels will a 9kW Solar Power System have?

A 9kW solar system comprises between 28 to 36 solar panels depending on the wattage of the panels. The common panel sizes that can make up different 9kW solar systems include:

  • 240W (38 x solar panels to make 9kW)
  • 250W (36 x solar panels to make 9kW)
  • 260W (35 x solar panels to make 9kW)
  • 300W (30 x solar panels to make 9kW)
  • 330W (28 x solar panels to make 9kW)

Is 9kW the right solar power system size for you?

Several factors will determine whether the 9kW solar system is right for you. These include:

Your daily consumption rate

Before installing a solar system, you need to assess your daily electricity consumption habits. You can get this information from your quarterly electricity bill. If you use between 32kWh to 49kWh daily, a 9kW system would be the right size for you.

Your budget

Your budget also determines the size of the solar system you can install. Although renewable energy is becoming cheaper by the day, the upfront cost can still be intimidating. To avoid unnecessary stress and pressure, make sure you spend within your budget.

Roof space

Another factor you should consider is whether you have enough roof space. You will need 36.4 square meters of North facing roof space to install 22 x 420 Watt panels.

What is the average payback period for a 9kW solar system?

On average, the payback period for a 9kW solar system is between 3 to 5 years.

Once you install solar power, you will start saving immediately. As electricity prices continue to increase, installing solar energy will help offset your monthly bill.

How much roof space does a 9kW Solar Power System require?

The average solar panel measures about 1.6m x 1m, and you need around 22 x 420 Watt panels for your 9kW system. This means the panels will cover about 36m2 of your roof. 

If you install less efficient panels, such as 320 watts, you will need more to make up 9,000 Watts. 

9,000W / 320W per panels = 29 Panels

How much money can a 9kW solar PV system save me?

The amount you will save will vary depending on your previous power usage, the cost of power and the feed-in tariff you have signed up for.

On average you will save $306 monthly or  $3,620 anually.

Self-consumption is the way to go to get the most out of your system. The more you consume the solar energy generated by your system, the more money you save on your power bill. You will need to pay the difference if you use more energy than what you send back to the power grid. 

A good idea is over-sizing your solar system. This is installing more panels than you require, so you always export more power to the grid than you draw at night.

9kW solar system with battery storage

Battery backup is quite costly and may significantly increase the payback period for your solar system. However, battery storage will help you store power to use when the system is not generating enough energy (especially during rainy or cloudy days). Besides, you can go completely off-grid.

For your 9kW solar system, you will need a battery with a capacity of at least 25kWh.

9kW solar system with battery storage