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The cost of solar panels varies depending on the size of the system (your power needs), the amout of rebate your state gives you and the installers prices.

Solar Panels and Solar Battery Installation

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Looking for professional solar installation services? Highly trained local professionals deliver our solar system and battery storage install services competitively. Established in 2015, Go Solar Quotes Australia has grown into one of Australia’s most trusted solar installation providers with our network of accredited installers across Australia. Our strong customer focus and emphasis on quality providers help us fulfil our mission to provide 100,000 Australian families with high-quality, sustainable solar panels and battery systems.


The size and cost of your solar system is only one thing you need to consider when it comes to installing a free energy generation system. You need to look at Govenment rebate, feedin tariffs, battery storage, panel reviews inversers and a whole host of other details. It’s up to you how deep you go, you can just get some quotes, but the more information you have, the better system and deal you will be able to secure.

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Save Up To 43% - FREE SERVICE

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We’re looking for highly skilled and accredited solar installers across Australia with experience and a solid history of great customer feedback to join our team. Growing a solar business is hard work, but doing it with GoSolarQuotes means you focus more on delivering high-quality service and less on trying to find new customers.

If you are an experienced and accredited solar installer in Australia, you can apply to join our team here. 

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Residential Solar

Residential Solar Systems

Almost 20% of Australian homes have a solar system, and homeowners continue to take advantage of generous government rebates and save on a system. With the rising price of Chinese-owned Australian energy, residents are taking power back so to speak by generating their own electricity. With a typical solar system paying for itself in 3 – 4 years on average, it really is a no-brainer.

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Commercial Solar

Commercial Systems

One of the biggest emerging trends in the Australian market is the rise of commercial solar panels. Today, more and more businesses are embracing solar energy with the aim of reducing their power bills to save money. Unlike most homes which only use 30% of their power through the day and 70% at night, commercial businesses use 80% of their power through the day when it’s being produced.

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Interest-free loans, as well as solar for renters, are two more incentives to government is pushing to get more Australian households to switch to solar energy today.

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