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For everything you require, from fitting solar panels to inverters and batteries, Go Solar Quotes provides solar leads that turn into customers.<\/b> Register for free now<\/a> and start receiving premium leads directly to your inbox.

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Now Growing Your Solar Business is as Simple as Opening Your Inbox.


We attract Potential customers

We spend a lot of time, effort and money to attract the right types of customers.


We verify the quality of the lead

We filter out as many time wasters as we can to only send quality leads.


We forward you the customer and job details

Leads sent direct to your inbox. 100% guaranteed quality or your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I sign up and don’t like it?​

You are under no obligation to stay. There are no signup costs or ongoing costs.  You can play/ pause your account as often as you like or just cancel altogether. You only pay for the leads you quote. 

Can I control the number & types of leads I receive?

You are in full control of your leads. You can select a service radius and the types of leads you service. Most leads are for solar system installation, with a growing number also asking for a battery.

What if I get a dud lead

We do our best to filter out the time wasters, but some still slip though. You are able to reject a lead for whatever reason you like. We only charge for leads you actually quote.

How many jobs can I expect to actually get?

We don’t get huge volumes of leads at the moment, but you can expect 2 – 4 leads per week on average. It will all depend on the city you live and your service area.

What’s my competition like?

We vet all installers and make sure they are a quality outfit. We want to make sure customers are getting quality equipment and installation. This is good for you because you’re quoting against local businesses similar to you.

“There is no silver bullet to getting more solar work. Having a few good sources is key”

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