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Leasing and Financing solar panels is a great way to go if you can’t afford the initial outlay or leasing your property.

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Charging Tenants for Solar Power

With the rise in electricity costs, solar energy appears to be a more affordable and better option for both home and property owners. However, is it permissible for a landlord to bill their tenants for the use of solar energy? Yes. Landlords can charge tenants1 for solar power, but the terms must be laid out …

Solar Panels For Renters

In Australia, 3 million homes1 have fitted solar panels. Is it possible for the significant number of renting households to also reap the advantages of solar energy? Renters can also have solar panels installed in the homes they live in. However, they have to wait for the landlord to install it. If they want to …

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Ever wondered about the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)? And why has this agreement been made and whether this agreement really solves anything or not? Power Purchase Agreements are lengthy contracts for renewable energy. They are becoming increasingly popular among large corporations, SMEs, and municipal governments. Why is that? Because they are a dependable method of …

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