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Leigh McInerney

Review Board Member
Solar PV Installation Expert
Expertise: Electrotechnology Licence no: 127038C, Solar PV Systems Design, Off-Grid Solar


  • Runs Central Coast Energy, a solar panel installation and maintenance company based in Terrigal NSW, which has been in operation for over ten years.
  • Holds a Certificate III in Electrotechnology from TAFE NSW and a Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems Design Accreditation CEC


Leigh McInerney is a seasoned electrician (Licence no: 127038C) and solar PV systems expert dedicated to helping homeowners make the switch to renewable power on the central coast of NSW. Although he has extensive experience with large 50KW + commercial projects, Leigh prefers to help regular homeowners make the switch to solar. Running a Solar Installation company for over a decade is a testament to his quality of work, ethics and system selection for his customers. Before Central Coast Energy, Leigh ran LPM Electrical, an electrical contracting firm. Leigh enjoys surfing and playing soccer when not immersed in his professional responsibilities.


Leigh's solid educational background underpins his expertise. He holds a Certificate III in Electrotechnology from TAFE NSW and a Grid-Connected Solar PV Systems Design Accreditation from TAFE and the Clean Energy Council CEC.

Reviewed by Leigh McInerney

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