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  • Have greater cash flow
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We attract
potential customers

We attract new customers and also work with our contacts in property management and real estate.


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We verify the
quality of the lead

We weed out time wasters and just send you quality job leads.



We email you the leads as
they come in

The job leads are then sent to just 3 local, qualified and insured installers for quoting.

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What if I sign up and don’t like it?

You are under no obligation to stay. There is just a small joining fee of $129 and NO ongoing yearly fees, so you can cancel at any time, so hard feelings.

Can I control the number of leads I receive?

Yes, when you sign up, you can specify the number of leads you would like to receive and the area of your city you would like to serve.

What Customer is a time waster?

Well, we don’t expect you to pay for such a lead and you are able to reject any lead that you don’t actually give a quote on.

Unfortunately, we cannot control customers. Although we do our best to weed out the rubbish, you will still receive dud leads.

How many jobs can I expect to actually get?

We supply job leads at just $27 - $54 per lead (the cheapest on the market) and because we send our leads to just 3 local contractors you have a better chance of landing the job.

Now obviously there are other variables at play, but just looking at statistics you have a great shot at landing every 3rd to 4th job you go for of your customer skills are up to scratch.

What’s my competition like?

Unlike our competitors, we only accept qualified, experienced and insured tradesmen.

What if I want to cover the whole city?

We like to have 3 preferred contractors per area, but there are times when some companies are too busy to receive more leads and we need someone to cover that area.

So yes, you can sign up to receive leads for the entire city, but you will receive them for your specified area first and cover the loose ends of other areas.

In some cases, the customers won’t answer their phone, they change there mind or the job has already been booked in before you have had a chance to quote it.