STC Solar Rebate Calculator 2023 Edition

How it works

To calculate the STC solar rebate you are entitled to, enter the size solar system you would like to install, your postcode, and the year you intend to install the system.

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Solar Rebate Calculator

What size solar system do you want to install?
6.6kW is by far the most popular size and will run a 3-4 bedroom home.

Your postcode
Why is your location important?
Four zones are used when calculating your rebate.
The sunnier it is where you live, the more you get.
We use your postcode to work out your zone.
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Your Rebate is:

Based on STC price $39.50

0kW System Cost

Gross Cost before rebate $0

Lifetime Savings

Based on 25yr Warranty
$0 monthly

How is the STC rebate calculated?

The STC rebate is calculated with the following formula:
Solar system size (kW) x Zone Rating x Deeming Period (years) = Number of STCs (rounded down) X STC price.

Example: 6.6kW x 1.382 (postcode 2162 in zone 3) x 7 years = 63 x $39.30 = $2,515

Why 8 years? Because the STC rebate Scheme finishes at the end of 2030, so it has 8 years left. Every year the number of STC’s small technology certificates reduces. The rebate amount is paid on the number of kWh produced by your system until 2030.

How can I claim my STC rebate?

The rebate you receive is at the point of sale, so there is no need to go through any process of claiming the STC rebate yourself. Once an accredited CEC installer has finished the job, they will claim the rebate on your behalf. The advertised price of systems is the net price after the maximum rebate has been applied in your case.

What is the value of one STC?

The value of each Small-scale Technology Certificate fluctuates between $34 – $40. The price changes due to registered agents having the option to see STCs through the open market for an uncapped price or through a clearing house at a fixed price of $40 ex GST.

STC value today

The current value of one STC is $39.30.

Example: 6.6kW solar panel system

Advertised Price$7,410
Real Price$9,886
Rebate claimed by installer$2,476

When does the solar rebate end?

The solar rebate is reduced annually until it ends on the 31st of December, 2030. STCs do not have the same value year on year, so depending on the size of your system, where you live and the current STC value, your rebate amount will change.

What's the maximum solar rebate I can claim?

The STC solar rebate scheme is applied to residential or commercial solar systems up to 100kWh in size. For a 100 Kilowatt system in Zone 1, you would receive a rebate of $44,606 in 2024.

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