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See what a solar system will cost to install on your roof. Discover the initial outlay, and when to expect an ROI.

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For medium–large businesses looking to install solar, the 100kW commercial system is among the best systems in the Australian market. Being a relatively large solar system, it generates enough energy to help slash your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint. On average, the 100kW commercial solar system will cost around $81,919, including government rebates …


The 50kW solar system is popular for commercial applications as it covers a large percentage of small to medium-sized power needs. On average, a 50kW solar system will cost around $46,605, including government rebates and other incentives. The true range depends on your location and the brand of solar panels and inverter you go with. …


With the price of solar panels plummeting in the Australian markets, an increasing number of homeowners with large homes are taking interest in the 10kW solar power system. A 10kWh solar panel system costs $10,239 on average Australia-wide. However, the prices can go as high as $10,789 and as low as $9,571 depending on the …

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