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Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme WA

Solar panel owners in WA are benefiting from the perks offered by the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS). The renewable energy buyback scheme applies to WA solar panel owners who do not receive a feed-in tariff. It pays 7.1350 cents per kWh of solar power exported to the grid. The REBS does not consider the …

Solar Rebate WA

Residents of Western Australia who meet the criteria can take advantage of solar panel rebates. The rebate you qualify for varies based on the size of the system you decide to install. The average solar rebate in WA is $2,279, which you would be entitled to if you installed a 6kWh solar panel system (The …

solar installation perth 5kW

As electricity prices continue to climb, a growing number of folks in Perth, along with many Australians, are turning to solar power as a means to reduce their expenses. The only barrier to this move for most homeowners is the cost of solar installation in the area. Solar panels have predominantly been known to be …

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