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Ben McInerney

Review Board Member
CEO, Researcher, Editor
Expertise: Solar PV Research, Arboriculture, Content Wizard
Education: TAFE NSW


Ben is a renewable energy enthusiast and developed a passion for solar while helping his brother Leigh install solar panels on the Central Coast. With an environmental science-based background, transitioning into renewable energy was seamless. Ben has helped thousands of Australians understand roof-top solar and enabled them to make the best choice before their purchase.

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queenslander home in brisbane solar panels

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queenslander home in brisbane solar panels

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Tilt and Azimuth v2

Azimuth angle refers to the orientation of the solar panel, i.e. direction that a solar panel is facing relative to the sun. It is usually calculated clockwise starting from the north and expressed in degrees. For example, a solar panel having an azimuth angle of 180° clockwise from north would imply that the panel is …

How the solar feed-in tariff works

The ACT currently has 5 companies offering feed-in tariffs. They rates are actually quite good as compared to other states and territories. When selecting a company to supply energy with the hope of saving money with your solar panels, the FiT is only half the story. You also need to take into account the supply …

feed in tariff buttton

There are currently 20 companies offering Feed-in tariffs in South Australia. Prices range from 1.0c/kWh to 8.5c/kWh. When looking for a energy provider, the feed-in tariff is just one part of the equation. To optimize your solar system ROI, you will need to find a supplier with a low supply and usage charge, as well …

How saltwater batteries work

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, saltwater batteries have emerged as a promising and environmentally friendly technology. These innovative energy storage systems harness the power of saltwater electrolytes to store and release energy efficiently. Saltwater batteries use concentrated saltwater or saline to capture and store electricity that can be discharged later to power electrical …

How Much Does a Solar Hot Water System Cost in 2023

On average, a solar hot water system costs about $3,500, ranging from $2,600 to $6,000. This cost is inclusive of solar rebates and installation costs; the exact price may vary widely depending on the type and size of the system and location. In this article, we will provide you with a cost breakdown of solar …

Selecting the right solar panels for your home

You have already made a smart decision by investing in a solar system. Now it’s time to find out how to maximize the benefits of using it. To get the most out of your solar and maximize solar savings: Use your appliances during the day, Stagger your consumption, Check for shade and debris, Regularly clean …

Roof space required for a 3kW solar system

Solar power is becoming increasingly common, which allow us to use the solar energy in our homes and businesses. Solar electricity can be utilized for various purposes, it is highly feasible to use solar energy to charge gadgets, home appliances and now even vehicles. This can be possible by implementing and converting solar light into …

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