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Ben McInerney

Review Board Member
CEO, Researcher, Editor
Expertise: Solar PV Research, Arboriculture, Content Wizard
Education: TAFE NSW


Ben is a renewable energy enthusiast and developed a passion for solar while helping his brother Leigh install solar panels on the Central Coast. With an environmental science-based background, transitioning into renewable energy was seamless. Ben has helped thousands of Australians understand roof-top solar and enabled them to make the best choice before their purchase.

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Understanding when is the best time to use solar electricity, and how to make the most out of your solar panel system, is important if you want to lower your electricity bill and reduce the carbon footprint of your household. Solar panels are most efficient when the sun hits them directly instead of at an …


A 3kW solar panel system can run most appliances found in a small home with 2 – 3 occupants. It can produce up to 2500kWh per year which should be enough to run all the typical appliances you would find in 1 bath, 2 bedroom home. There are 3 ways to work out if a …

Linear performance of solar panels graphic

With the cost of living today, I just really can’t help but wonder about ways to cut down expenses. It has been a while since I first heard about solar energy and have always been curious about a number of things: how it works, how much it costs, how long the panels last, and ultimately …


The amount of solar panels required to run your house hinges on your energy needs. The most common/ popular setup is a 5kW solar system. They require 16 panels to be placed on a north-facing roof. Below are some insights into choosing the right system for your needs by answering some of the common doubts …

how many panels needed for a 5kW solar system

To set up a 5kw solar system with the standard 320W solar panels, you’re going to require a total of 16 panels. 16 panels x 320w = 5120w or 5.1kW. They measure 170cm x 100cm and when set up together in an array they cover 27m2 of roof space. 16 solar panels needed for a …

Reviews Read our take on 20 of the most popular solar panels being solar in Australia. Visit our homepage for links to articles on solar costs, rebates and feeding tariffs.

Australian Government Solar rebates

The federal government’s solar panel incentive, which turns out isn’t exactly a rebate (we’ll dive into that shortly), acts as an upfront discount for accredited solar systems that qualify. Known as the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), the government initiative slashes the initial expense of installing solar panels by $431 for every kWh. This …


Sonnen Batteries or as their trademark goes SonnenBatterie is a rising star in the world of solar batteries in Australia, so much so they have begun building them locally in their Adelaide factory. You can expect a 6kWh SonnenBatterie to cost $9,375 inc. GST. The price ranges all the way up to $15,175 inc. GST …

how much power does a 6kw solar system produce in a day

After settling on a 5 kW system, it’s essential to figure out precisely how much energy it’ll generate over the course of a full day. A 5 kW solar system will produce around 20 kW for an entire day. Most of the power will be generated when the sun is at its peak, between 10 …

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