Solar Panel Orientation: Southern Hemisphere

The generation of power from your solar setup hinges on both where you’re located and how your solar panels are angled.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, install your solar panels facing true north for maximum electricity production. If you live in the northern hemisphere, your solar panels must face true south. The correct solar panel orientation ensures they receive maximum sunlight throughout the day.

The more sunlight your solar panels receive, the more efficient their electricity production is. Therefore, you can become energy independent or make maximum savings on your electricity bills.

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Install your solar panels facing true north if you live in the southern hemisphere.

The orientation of your solar panels determines how much sun they receive. The more sunshine they receive, the more power they produce.

The direction of your solar panels determines their efficiency. When installed in the right direction, panels can receive sunshine all day long. Thus, they can produce maximum power.

If your solar panels are installed in the wrong direction, they will produce less electricity. As the sun moves across the sky, there will be a time in the day when it will not hit the panels appropriately.

Where you live and the direction of your roof will determine the best installation angle for your panels.

How Does Solar Panel Orientation Affect Your Solar System

Sun Exposure

To enhance the efficiency of your solar system, it must be exposed to the sun all day. For this to happen, you need to find the right orientation for your solar panels.

Orientation is determined by the location of your home. The proper orientation ensures that your solar system produces as much power as it can.

The wrong orientation prevents your solar system from getting the right exposure to the sun in the morning or the afternoon. Therefore, it will not produce electricity efficiently.

Angle Of Installation

If you install your panels in the right orientation, you have a specific angle of installation to allow for the best reception of the sun’s rays. The right angle allows the sun to hit the panels perpendicularly.

If you do not have the correct installation, a professional will calculate the best angle for solar panel installation. It will enhance the efficiency of your panels even in the wrong direction.

Number Of Panels Required

The size of the solar system you install depends on your power consumption needs. The larger your system, the more panels you require.

Your solar system works well when all the solar panels are well exposed to the sun. Wrong orientation prevents sun exposure.

To solve the problem, you may require to install more solar panels to produce for those in the shade or that don’t get enough sun.

Thus, you will have a large solar system that does not produce efficiently.

Additionally, you will spend more money to install it and make fewer savings on your bills and a longer ROI period.

Hire A Professional Solar Installer

Go Solar Quotes is a free tool that connects homeowners to accredited solar panel installers. They can measure the angle and pitch of your roof and give you free advice on whether solar would suit your roof and the steps to move forward.

  1. At the top of the tool, enter your Postcode.
  2. Then, fill out the subsequent form to provide more information on your house size and electricity consumption.
  3. You will then receive three quotes from professional installers with no obligation to hire them. Compare the quotes and choose one of the installers to install the solar system for you.
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Factors To Consider When Installing Your Solar Panels


Consider the direction your house faces and of your solar panels. To ensure that you install your solar panels properly, you must know the hemisphere of your location.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the best direction to install your solar panels is facing the true south.

If you live in the southern hemisphere, the best direction to install your solar panels is facing the true north.

If you cannot install the panels in the best direction, you can also use the east-west orientation.

Installation Angle

You must also consider the angle of your solar panels when on your roof. For maximum power production from your solar panels, the sun’s rays must hit them perpendicularly.

Consult a professional solar panel installer for the best angle of installation.

The installation angle of solar panels depends on your house’s location. How the sun falls on the solar panels depends on the location of your home. Whether in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Professionals know the right angle and tilt of solar panels based on the location of the home.


When installing your solar panels, you must consider if the roof is shaded in some parts. Keep the solar panels on parts of the roof without shade.

Shading part of your solar panels reduces their efficiency. Thus, install your solar panels on parts of the roof or ground that do not get shaded as the sun moves across the sky during the day.

Different types of solar systems work differently around the shade. Depending on the technology of your system, it may not be affected by shade.

A professional solar installer will advise you on how to deal with shade on your roof that affects the efficiency of your solar panels.

Power Requirements

Check your electricity bill to determine your power needs. When you know how much power you require, you can purchase a solar system to satisfy your needs.

The more power you need, the larger the system you have to buy. Additionally, the more money you will spend.

The more expensive your solar system, the longer it takes to recover your investment depending on how much savings you make from your electricity bill.