Solar Panel Cost for a 3 Bedroom House

Updated: July 21, 2022

To work out the cost of solar panels for a 3 bedroom house, first we need to work out the daily power consumption. According to the CSIRO the average 3-bedroom home uses 22.45kW of power per day.

You will need to install a 5kW solar system to cover daily power usage (approx. 22.45kW) in a 3 bedroom house which will cost $4,995 on average after rebates.

A 5kW solar system will easily run your appliances, but some homes have a pool and larger AC units which will draw more power. In this case you may need a 6.6kW system.

solar panel cost for a 3 bedroom house

A typical 3 bedroom house will use an average of 22.45 kWs of power per day. This is over the entire year, but can be broken up into seasons of usage over summer, autum, winter and spring as represented in the graphic below.

Star RatingSummerAutumnWinterSpring
4.5 stars and +18.5315.59219.31614.675
Below 4.5 stars22.48117.13422.55416.476
Daily energy consumption per household type
Household typeSummerAutumnWinterSpring
Adults w/ children25.6520.2323.9819.08
Adults w/t children13.9710.8715.2910.24
Single adults13.6010.9013.4510.04

What size system would a 3 Bedroom house need?

A typical 3 bedroom home uses 22.45 kilo Watts of power per day. To cover that amount of energy usage, you will need to install a 5kW solar system. This system will produce 5kW of energy per hour at it’s peak. Thats for about a 2 hours period when the sun it highest in the sky.

The total produced when averaged out over the entire year is about 22.45, although this may differ depending on where you live. Locations like Hobart receive less hours of light as compared to Cairns.

Cost of a 5kW solar system for a 3 bedroom house

We have establish that a 5kW solar system will cover the power usage of a 3 bedroom house, but how much will that cost? Again it depends on where you live and the about of rebate the government is willing to give you.

The average ocst of solar panels for a 3 bedroom house is $5,127 installed.

The rebate are explained in a little more detail below, but the costs of a 5kW system for a 3 bedroom house is as follows.

CityZoneRebate on 5kWAverage cost (after rebate)
Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, PerthZone 3$2,387$4,870
Melbourne, HobartZone 4$2,041$5,380
Darwin, Cairns, TownsvilleZone 1$2,772$5,130

Rebate on solar panels for a 3 bedroom house

As mentioned in the cost of solar above, the rebate on a solar system will depend on the system size you install and where in Australia you live. Rebates are based on the number of STC you receive and the current trading price of STCs.

The price for 1 STC is normally about $38.50, so we are going to base rebate prices on that assumed price.

CityZoneSTCsRebate on 5kW
Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, PerthZone 362$2,387
Melbourne, HobartZone 453$2,041
Darwin, Cairns, TownsvilleZone 172$2,772

To calculate the rebate on solar panels for a 3 bedroom house, you need to take the number of STCs and multiply that number by the trading price of STCs.

62 x $38.50 = $2,387

Payback period

The payback period on a solar system for a 3 bedroom house is about 3.5 years. This will vary depending on your energy consumption, the size of the system you use, and your ability to maximize your energy usage.

Another factor that is super important to your ROI is the feed in tariff yu receive. This is the amount of money your energy retailer will pay you per KW of unused energy.

Expected savings per month off my bill

On average, you can expect to save about 85% off your typical power bill after you have installed the system. Again, this is going to depend on your usage, the size system you used, and you ability to take advantage of optimal times of day to use power.

You can maximise your savings by using your washing machine and dishwasher at noon when your system is producing the most power. Same goes for pool filerts and any other power sapping appliance.

What can I run in my 3 bedroom house?

With the 22kW on averaged used per day in a 3 bedroom house, you can run a bunch of electrical appliances with your solar system, including:

Appliance Watts per hourAvg. Hours used dailyTotal
Lights for 5 bedroom home (10 x 7 Watt LED lights [60W equivalent per globe])706420
2 x LCD televisions605300
2 x Laptops20061,200
Central Air conditioner320039,600
Washing machine5000.5250
Clothes Dryer40000.31,050