Can I Claim The Solar Rebate Twice in QLD?

Indeed, you qualify to apply for solar rebates in Queensland twice. The allocation of these rebates is determined by the property address, not the person applying. This means if you own several properties, you can claim the solar system rebate for each one of your residences.

Can I Claim The Solar Rebate Twice in QLD

This won’t fly. As mentioned above, STC certificates are only allocated to an initial solar system installed on your home. It’s like trying to claim the first home buyer’s grant twice.

If you had a granny flat and wanted to add panels to that, you can do it, but only if registered as a separate address, like 2/69 David Street, Brisbane. But if you already have claimed the rebate on 69 Davis Street, you won’t be able to get the rebate a second time.

Can I claim an inverter upgrade or extra panels?

Upgrades to a system can not be claimed either. It’s important that you get a larger system to take full advantage of the rebate. Over-sizing your system will future-proof your savings and any extra power usage you have not planned for yet but could use in the futute.

Can I add more solar panels in QLD?

You can, but you won’t be eligible for a second rebate in Queensland. Adding panels can also get expensive because you will likely need to upgrade your inverter. Inverter sizes are matched to the system size or number or panels, so increasing them may require an upgrade to the inverter. I say may require because if you have a 5kWh system, you can add panels to a 6.6kWh system without upgrading the inverter. You will need to speak with a local installer to get advice and a quote.

What solar incentives are there in Queensland?

The Queensland government uses several incentives to get Queenslanders to install roof-top solar. Here are some of the popular ones.

STC rebate – The STC solar rebate program is nationwide in Queensland. It is going to be around until the end of 2024.

Feedin tariff – The feed-in tariff is another scheme allowing solar system owners to sell their excess power to energy retailers who pay them a tariff for their power. A typical supply tariff is 24.35c per kWh, whereas a typical feed-in tariff is 9.3c per kWh.

Solar bonus scheme 44c feed-in tariff – This scheme is closed to new customers as of July 2012, customers who signed up before that date can take advantage of this very generous FiT until the end of 2024.

Energy saving program – ecoBiz is a free service that helps Queensland businesses cut energy, water and waste bills costs. The program also provides free assistance to track resource use and one-on-one on-site coaching sessions with a sustainability expert.

How do I claim the Solar rebate in QLD?

The best and easiest way to claim the solar rebate in QLD is at the point of sale. All solar installers that advertise or quote prices for a solar system, will do so with the rebate already discounted from the base price.

You can, on the other hand, create and claim the STCs yourself. It will take 3 -7 days to receive the rebate after submitting your application.

When does the solar rebate end?

The solar rebate in QLD and nationwide ends on December 31st, 2030. This means eligible Queensland households can continue applying for the rebate until the end of 2030. The solar rebate amount is reduced yearly as payouts are based on the deeming period of the system. So the faster you install a solar system, the larger the rebate.

The deeming period is important because a Small-scale Technology Certificate equals 1 megawatt-hour of renewable electricity. The longer the system is installed, the more energy it can create between now and Dec 2030, the program’s cut off date.

What is the STC rebate for QLD in 2023?

The final dollar amount of rebate you receive will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The STC zone you live
  • The size of your system
  • The year you install the system (deeming period)

An example of a solar rebate in Brisbane (Zone 3) would be $2,476 for a 6.6kW system. See the table below to see prices based on Zone and system size.