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Ben is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of GoSolarQuotes.

Ben is a renewable energy enthusiast and has helped thousands of Australians understand roof-top solar and enabled them to make the best choice before their purchase.



My professional career begins with a lawn and garden maintenance business in Sydney’s southwest. While working, I studied Arboriculture to work exclusively with trees.

  • Busy Bee Mowing
  • The Tree Man Arborist Services
  • Studies Currency Trading on the Foreign Exchange
  • Founded
  • Took it internationally with
  • Founded

Climbing trees for a living is pretty hard work, and after seven years in the game, I wanted something different.

I founded my first internet business GoTreeQuotes in 2015. I had a lot of knowledge to share on trees and I noticed a lot of the topics were not covered well or accurately. Plus, I was able to help readers make better decisions when hiring tree surgeons given my knowledge and experience.

Not long after founding GoTreeQuotes, I wanted to focus on another growing passion of mine, renewable and sustainable energy. Solar being one of the fastest-growing industries in green energy, it felt like a great place to start.

My older brother Leigh McInerney runs a successful solar installation company on the Central Coast NSW. I’ve used his inside industry knowledge and experience to help co-author everything on the site.

Building on my base knowledge of tree services to renewable and sustainable energy seems like a logical transition and one I’ve enjoyed.

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