Ben McInerney

Ben is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of GoTreeQuotes and GoSolarQuotes.

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Ben is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of GoTreeQuotes and GoSolarQuotes.

Ben is a renewable energy enthusiast and has helped thousands of Australians understand roof-top solar and enabled them to make the best choice before their purchase.



My work story begins with a lawn and garden maintenance business in Sydney’s southwest. While working I studied Arboriculture to work exclusively with trees.

  • Busy Bee Mowing
  • The Tree Man Arborist Services
  • Studies Currency Trading on the Foreign Exchange
  • Moved to Spain
  • Founded
  • Took it internationally with
  • Founded

Growing up close to my grandfather John who was a horticulturist and spent his retirement propagating plants to sell and raise money for cancer research, I had a green thumb at an early age.

I started my first business Busy Bee Mowing and Gardens at 21 until I found my calling in Arboriculture. After becoming qualified it was a natural progression to sell my mowing run and start Tree Tree Man Arborist Services.

Climbing trees for a living is pretty hard work and after 7 years in the game, I wanted something different.

I began studying forex trading and traveled often to Europe where I met my now wife Ana on a chance encounter in front of a hostel in Piccadilly Circus, London. Eventually, I moved to Spain and began teaching English (and studying Spanish).

Not long after I founded my first internet business GoTreeQuotes. I had a lot of knowledge to share on trees and I noticed a lof the topic was not covered well or accurately. Plus I was able to help readers make better decisions when hiring tree surgeons.

After taking that business to the USA and finding greater success, I wanted to focus on another growing passion of mine, the renewable energy sector. Solar being one of the fastest-growing industries in green energy, it felt like a great place to start.

Having an older brother who runs a successful solar install company on the Central Coast NSW, I was able to tap into inside industry knowledge and share that with readers the same way I did with trees.

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When I am not running Go Solar Quotes, I normally spend time doing outdoor activities with my awesome wife Ana. Being married to a PE teacher means we are always doing physical activities like Mountain Biking, Playing Padel (like tennis bu a smaller court… very fast and fun), Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and anything else to get the blood pumping.

Traveling is another big passion of mine. When I was 23 I decided to travel to California and teach skateboarding at a summer camp for 3 months. It was an amazing experience and I got more out of it than I thought possible. Ever since then, I have had the travel bug in me and my next big trip came a few years later when I saved up enough money for a 2 month trip to Europe. From the UK, I traveled to France, Germany, Czech Republic, Egypt, Spain, and Japan. I then traveled back to Europe 5 more times in the next 3 years before moving to Spain to live with my now wife Ana.

We travel at least 3 times a year around Spain and usually spend a few months of each year in Australia visiting family.

Some other items on my bucket list are traveling to space (when space tourism becomes a thing in the near future), Skiing Aspen, and driving the great ocean road from Melbourne to Adelaide.