How Much Power Does A 6kW Solar System Produce?

When setting up a solar power system at your place, think about your electricity consumption to figure out the size of the solar system required.

A 6Kw solar system produces about 24kWh per day. These are enough units to power a regular household for the day. Many Australian households consume 20 – 24kWh of power per day.

Solar systems produce up to 4 times their rated capacity. Depending on how much power your household consumes, you know what size of solar panel system to purchase.

power produced by 6kW solar system


How much power your solar system produces depends on where you live. If you live in a region with sufficient sunshine, your solar system will produce at the expected capacity. However, if you live in a region with a few hours of sun on a day, your solar system will not produce as expected.

The intensity of sunshine varies as the day progresses. The more intense the sunshine that hits your solar panels, the more power it produces. Thus, if you have a few hours of intense sunshine in your region, the less power your solar panels will produce.

The Angle And Orientation of Your Roof

Most solar panels are installed on a rooftop. Before your solar panels are installed, there needs to be an inspection. Your installer will inspect your roof to check that the angle of the roof will allow for the high productivity of your solar panels. For ideal productivity, your roof pitch should be between 20 and 30 degrees.

Additionally, installing your solar panels on a north-facing roof ensures that they produce at maximum efficiency. A professional installer will check on these aspects of your roof before installing the solar panels to ensure that they provide maximum output.

Quality Of Your Solar Panel System

There are a lot of solar panel manufacturers in the market. Each of them produces their solar panels with different technology. As a result, the solar panels available in the market differ in quality.

High-quality solar panels produce as much power as their rated capacity. On the other hand, low-quality solar panels have lower productivity levels.

Before you purchase solar panels, make sure that you know the quality of solar panels available in the market. Then. purchase and install only high-quality solar panels that will produce as much power as they are rated to produce.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For A 6Kw Solar System?

The number of solar panels you need for a 6kw solar system depends on the rating capacity of the solar panels. The higher the capacity of the solar panels the fewer panels you will need. The lower the capacity of the solar panels, the more you will require.

If you use 370-watt solar panels, you will need 16 panels for a 6kw solar system.

To calculate this you take the size of the desired system, in this case 6000 Watts, and divide by the output of the panel.

6000W / 370 = 16.2 panels

How much roof space will I require?

The standard solar panel size is 1.0m x 1.7m. You will need 27.2 square meters of roof space to install the solar panels.

You need to have this information before you install your solar panel. Your installer will let you know how many panels you need at the inspection stage of your roof. If you don’t have enough space, you could opt for higher-capacity solar panels.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For A 6Kw Solar System

How Much Does A 6kW System Cost

You can expect to pay $7,063 to purchase and install a 6kw capacity solar system. The price includes a federal or state government solar rebate, depending on where you live.

Every new solar customer is eligible to receive a rebate. Additionally, you must purchase your solar panels from an accredited installer.

What Is The Payback Period On A 6kW Solar System?

Your electricity consumption depends on how long it takes to recover your investment in a 6Kw solar system.

It takes a maximum of 5 years for large energy users and even less for those with lower consumption.

How much you save on your electricity bill determines how soon you can recover your investment in your solar panel system.

Get In Touch With A Pro To Install Your Solar system easily connects you to professional solar panel installers.

Enter your location at the space provided at the top of the page. Then, fill out the subsequent form to provide more details on your solar installation project.

You will then receive three quotes from professional installers. You may hire any of the three installers who send you a quote.


Hiring a pro is the most preferred mode of solar panel installation. Installing solar panels involves the electrical grid. Without the right skills and knowledge, an accident may be fatal.

Additionally, government rebates can only be redeemed when solar panels are purchased from and installed by accredited installers.

Feed-in tariffs that electricity retailers pay also require that a pro installs your solar system for you to qualify. Hiring a pro to install your solar panels also ensures that your solar system produces at optimum capacity.

Depending on where you live, you may need a permit to install your solar panels. Consult your local government office to confirm whether you need a permit and how much you need to pay for it. You can also consult a professional installer on whether you need a permit to install the solar panels.

A solar rebate is a discount on the price of solar panels. How much of the rebate you receive is based on the capacity of your solar system. The larger your solar system, the larger your rebate.

To qualify for the rebate, you must meet the set conditions. First, you must own and live in the house on which the solar panels will be installed. Depending on your state, you may also qualify for a renters rebate after an agreement with your landlord.

Another condition you have to meet is that you are a first-time solar customer. You must also buy and have the panels installed by an accredited solar installer.

Yes, the solar rebate ends on 31 December 2030. The federal government is gradually phasing out the rebate. Every year, the rebate amount reduces until 2030 when it will be no longer valid.

The solar rebate has made it possible for many households to acquire and install solar panels. Solar systems are expensive. With the rebate, households can enjoy a significant discount to purchase and install solar panels.

Over the last decade, there has been significant growth in solar panel production technology. It has led to a decrease in production costs which has also led to a reduction in prices. Additionally, there has been an increased demand for solar panels all over the world. This has also helped push down the price of solar panel systems. However, solar panels are still a bit pricey. If you want to acquire solar panels, it is best to purchase them now before the rebate is fully gone.

A 6Kw solar panel is suitable for a medium to a large household. It can power a swimming pool and all household appliances. You can also easily charge an electric car and power the home at the same time.

Many households use up to 24Kw of power. This is the amount of power produced by a 6Kw solar panel. So, this system is suitable for many households.

What Kind Of Household Does A 6Kw Suit

With a 6kW solar system, you can produce enough electricity to power your home and feed- back into the electric grid. A battery system will help you become energy independent and rely more on solar than grid electricity.

You can couple your solar system with a battery system. When coupled with a battery system, your solar system works even better. Your battery system stores the excess power produced by your solar system.

You don’t have to install a battery at the same time as your solar panels.

In Australia, solar panels are worth installing. First, most of Australia has the best weather for solar systems. There is plenty of sunshine for producing as much solar power as possible.

Secondly, the government currently provides a rebate program that reduces the price of purchase and installation. The larger the capacity of your solar system, the higher the rebate.

Installing solar panels helps you eliminate or lower your electricity bill that rises constantly with rising demand.

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