LONGi solar panels review

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This LONGi solar panels review will cover every area of the panels, good and bad. We will cover all essential details including the company history, reputation, and awards/credits or records. We will also compare LONGi against some of the best solar panel brands in the solar industry.

LONGi company history

LONGi Solar is a leading solar panel manufacturer in the world that primarily focuses on monocrystalline solar cells. Started barely two decades ago, in 2000, this Chinese company has made headlines in the global solar market because of its incredibly fast growth.

In 2019 alone, the company shipped over 14 GW of solar cell modules in the market, and a projected 18GW production capacity in 2020, proving its position as the leading manufacturer worldwide.

The company is now part of the ‘Silicon Module Super League’ and was the only solar panel manufacturer-branded AAA-rated in 2020’s third-quarter ratings by the PV Module Tech Bankability ratings. Moreover, Australians voted LONGi as a trusted solar energy brand in 2020, placing it among LG and SunPower, the only other panels that got this vote.

In 2007, LONGi purchased one of its main competitors, Lerri Solar, which rebranded to LONGi Solar in 2017. This gave Lerri Solar a leading position in the Australian market.

LONGi company history

Pros and cons of LONGi solar panels


  • All products have generous warranties
  • Affordable solar panels
  • PV Evolution Labs top performer
  • Panels have a high module efficiency
  • All panels are monocrystalline
  • Excellent company reputation(one of the 6 largest solar panel manufacturers)


  • Panels have a high annual degradation rate of 0.55%

How much do LONGi Solar Panels cost?

If you are looking for an affordable solar panel with a high module efficiency, LONGi is the go-to option. Here is the average cost for these panels fully installed. The price includes:

  • Complete turnkey solar system installation with the LONGi solar panels
  • Installation by a pre-vetted solar installer from the gosolarquotes.com network
  • STC solar rebate and GST
System Size (kW)System Size (kW)
Average cost (fully installed)

Note: The actual prices vary depending on location, the installer you choose, and the preferred inverter brand.

How are LONGi Solar panels better or worse than their competitors

Cost: 9

Quality: 8

Warranty: 8.5

Efficiency: 9

Performance: 8.5

Value for money: 9

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

While the vast majority of manufacturers produce either polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panels, Longi uses only mono-silicon solar cells to make their solar systems.

Monosilicon panels have a single crystal of silicon that provides more room for electricity flow. Therefore, these solar panels have a higher sunlight conversion rate, unlike polycrystalline cells that have multiple crystals.

Longi offers high-quality, reliable, and affordable solar panels compared to other solar panels in the same price range. Brands like LG and SunPower are almost double the price of Longi and offer 1-2% more module efficiency than Longi. This means Longi offers a better price and high-efficiency modules for homeowners on a budget.

How are LONGi Solar panels better or worse than their competitors

Does LONGi Have Any Credits/Awards To Back Them Up?

Longi has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, and its production capacity and solar panel quality have won them several awards.

  1. Multiple records for module efficiencies (22.38%)
  2. EUPD awarded them the 2020 Top Brand PV
  3. DNV GL Top Performer Award for three consecutive years
  4. TUV Rheinland awarded Longi the All Quality Matters Award 4 times for the past 4 years
  5. Received the Trusted Brand Award in Australia

LONGi VS. Tindo VS. SunPower solar panels

Product nameLONGi Hi-MO 4 SeriesTindo Karra 66-cellSunPower Maxeon 3
Manufacturer Logo
Product image
Cell Number120 - 144 cells66 cells104 cells
Cell TypeMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystallineMonocrystalline Maxeon Gen III
Power Output345 – 455W365W390W - 400W
Solar Panel Efficiency20.9%19.8%22.6%
Company average turnover (USD)$8.416 billion$Unknown$2.7 billion
Annual Power Degradation0.45%/0.55%Not listed0.25%
Number of busbarsTBDTBDN/A
Approximate cost per watt (AUD retail incl GST)$0.55$1.21$1.44
Approximate cost per module (AUD retail incl GST)$186$441$576
Dimensions1755 x 1038 x 35mm (monofacial) and 2094 x 1038 x 35mm(bifacial)1838mm x 1005mm x 40mm1,690mm x 1,046mm x 40mm
Weight19.5 - 27.5 kg20 kg19 kg
Product Warranty10-12 years12 years25 years
Performance Warranty25-30 years25 years25 years
Operational Temperature Range-40~+85°C-40~+85°C-40~+85°C
Made inChina AustraliaMalaysia/Philippines/Mexico
Datasheet supplied?YesYesYes

Australian office?

Yes. Besides its Xi’an headquarters, the company has offices in Europe, the US, Japan, Canada, India, Malaysia, and Australia.

Their Australian offices are located in Northern Sidney.

Why an Australian office is important

Having an Australian office is a massive benefit for the Australian homeowners. The office makes it easier for the customers to resolve their warranty issues with the company, instead of having to deal with international calls to China.

It also ensures that LONGi customers can easily get help if their installers are out of business.

longi why australian office is important2

Are LONGi panels perfect for rooftop solar?

Yes! LONGi solar panels are designed to fit different rooftop sizes and designs. With their half-cut cell technology and high efficiency, the panels can work perfectly in shading, winter, or a cloudy day. The panels are also great during hot summers.

LONGi solar panels are also fantastic if you want to invest in solar batteries. Due to their high efficiency, the panels can generate enough power for your batteries and the feed-in tariffs.

Are LONGi panels perfect for rooftop solar

Range of LONGi solar panel models reviewed

The solar modules we will discuss in this Longi solar panel review include:

  • Hi-MO 3 Series
  • Hi-MO 4 Series
  • Hi-MO X Series

All the models have been approved by the Clean Energy Council for Australia’s home solar rebate program.

Hi-MO 3 Series

The Hi-MO 3 series, launched in 2018, is one of LONGi’s best-performing solar modules from their Hi-MO series. The panel features advanced PERC cells that utilize half-cell technology, improving the panel’s efficiency and power yield.


  • LONGi LR6-60HPH
  • LR6-72HPH
  • LR6-60HBD
  • LR6-72HBD


  • Monocrystalline PERC
  • bifacial/half-cell technology
  • 0.45%/0.55% annual degradation rate
  • First Year Power Degradation <2%
  • Up to 19.6% module efficiency
  • 10-year product warranty
  • 25/30 years performance warranties with 80.7% power output guarantee
  • Operating temperature range–40~+85°C
  • IP67-rated junction box
  • 5,400 pascals front load and 2,400 pascals rear load

Cell technology

Longi cell technology

LONGi adopts the half-cut cell technology, which splits the full cells into two and lowers the working current. This results in higher power yields and reduced hotspot temperatures on both the bifacial and monofacial panels.

The mono facial panels like the LONGi LR6-60HPH and LR6-72HPH have 6 busbars for easier current collection, and their parallel cell connection design helps increase power yield in case of shading.

Bifacial modules like the LR6-60HBD and LR6-72HBD use the M6 standard wafer part of the assembly line, which is now upgraded to 9 busbars. This significantly increases power output.

By absorbing light from the rear side of the panels, bifacial technology increases energy harvesting by up to 25%.


By the tenth year, you can still expect around 93.05% of Hi-MO 3 series solar panels’ initial power capacity and about 84.8% power yield after 25 years.

The slow degradation rate of the panels is enabled by the low LID Mono PERC Technology used in the panel design.

Warranty/ Guarantee

LONGi maintains the standard 10-year product warranty for any Tier 1 solar panel and a 25-year linear performance warranty.

Longi Warranty Guarantee

Peak Performance

In ideal conditions, the LR6-72HBD can generate up to 385W using a 144-cell module with a 19.1% conversion efficiency. The LR6-60HBD has a maximum output of 325W with a 19.2% module efficiency using a 120-cell module. The LR6-72HPH solar panel also has a max output of 385W, and a module efficiency of 19.3%.

Lastly, the LR6-60HPH can output around 325W with the highest efficiency of 21.6% and 120-cell module.

Panels needed for 6.6kW solar system

You’ll only need about 20 Hi-MO 3 solar panels for your 6.6kW solar system. Due to their relatively high efficiency, these panels can work well on small rooftops or roofs that often experience shading.



Hi-MO 4 Series

LONGi Hi-MO 4 series is one of the company’s most efficient and powerful yet. The series is quite similar to its predecessor, the Hi-MO 3 series, but with a few adjustments that have drastically improved the module output and efficiency.


  • LR4-60HPH
  • LR4-72HPH
  • LR4-60HBD
  • LR4-72HBD


  • Monocrystalline PERC
  • bifacial/half-cut cell technology
  • 0.45%/0.55% annual degradation rate
  • First Year Power Degradation <2%
  • Up to 20.9% module efficiency
  • 10/12-year product warranty
  • 25/30 years performance warranty with 84.95% power output guarantee
  • Operating temperature range–40~+85°C
  • IP68-rated junction box
  • 5,400 pascals front load and 2,400 pascals rear load

Hi MO 4 Series

Cell technology

This series also uses the half-cut technology to increase each module’s power output and minimize the spot temperatures on the cells by reducing the working current.

It combines this with the M6 standard wafer part of the assembly, now upgraded to 9 busbars, to increase its watt per square meter. Additionally, the double facial panels use an encapsulation glass to enable the panels to generate more power from both sides.

The frame design and the cell’s parallel arrangement are also critical in reducing the shading impact on the cells.

longi cell tech


These panels generate around 93.05% of their initial capacity after the first 10 years. After 25 years, their efficiency goes down to 84.8%.

This degradation rate is much slower than the 80.7% from other conventional solar manufacturers in the market.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Every LONGi solar panel comes with the standard 10-year product warranty and 25-year workmanship warranty, but with some Hi-MO 4 panels, the product warranty for some panels has been extended to 12 years. The performance warranty for these panels is also extended to 30 years.

Longi Warranty Guarantee

Peak Performance

Under optimal conditions, these panels can produce up to 455W on a 144-cell module with a high 20.9% module efficiency rate.

Other panels like the LR4-60HBD have a maximum output of 365W with a 120-cell module and a 19.4% efficiency. The LR4-60HPH can achieve a 380W using a 120-cell module, and a high 20.9% efficiency.

Panels needed for 5kW solar system

For a 5kW solar system, you’ll require about 12 Hi-MO solar panels to get the most out of the system. Their high efficiency makes them ideal for homes with small roof spaces.



Hi-MO X series

Hi Mo X

The Hi-MO X series is the latest and most efficient of LONGi’s solar panels in the market. These panels were first launched in Melbourne and are now known for their high-module efficiency and output.


  • aLR6-60OPH
  • LR6-72OPH


  • Monocrystalline Shingled
  • PERC cell technology
  • 0.45%/0.55% annual degradation rate
  • First Year Power Degradation <2%
  • Up to 20.6% module efficiency
  • 12-year product warranty
  • 25/30 years performance warranty with 80.7% power output guarantee
  • Operating temperature range–40~+85°C
  • IP67-rated junction box
  • 5,400 pascals front load and 2,400 pascals rear load

Cell technology

Hi-MO X combines a shingled layout and the mono PERC technology to increase its module efficiency by 20%. The mono technology also helps in slowing down the degradation of the panels.

The panel strings are elongated, as well, which makes BOS costs more affordable. For a better appearance on your roof, the panels’ tiles are cut from full square cells, ensuring no cell gaps.

cell technology Hi Mo X


After 10 years, you can expect a 93.05% production output of the Hi-MO X series’ initial production. After 25 years, the output stands at 84.8%.

Warranty/ Guarantee

HiMo x series warranty

Hi-MO X series comes with a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year extra linear power output warranty. However, the LR6-72OPH comes with a 30-year linear power warranty. Such warranties show that the solar manufacturer is confident with their products.

Peak Performance

Under optimum conditions, the LR6-60OPH has a maximum output of 360W with an impressive 20.6% module efficiency while the LR6-72OPH achieves a high-power output of 410W with a module conversion efficiency of 20.3%.

Panels needed for 3kW solar system

For a 3kW solar system, you will need between 7 – 9 panels. The high module efficiency of these panels ensures that homeowners with smaller roofs get enough solar power.



Latest leap forwards for LONGi solar panels

LONGi is a pacesetter in the solar industry. In April 2017, Longi’s mono-silicon PERC cell achieved a panel efficiency of 22.17% as tested by CPVT. In October of the same year, the company set a world record efficiency of the monocrystalline PERC cell with 22.71% in commercial wafer dimensions. The conversion efficiency increased to 23.26% the same month and was tested by CPVT, being the first to break through the 23.0% efficiency barrier.

In AUG 2018, Longi’s P-type monocrystalline PERC bifacial solar cells achieved the highest efficiency in China, with a module efficiency of 23.11%.

Their bifacial PERC solar cells have achieved a module efficiency of 24.06% as tested by CPVT in a standard wafer (M2 dimension). This is the company’s latest breakthrough. The company has also achieved a conversion efficiency that exceeds 24% using commercial wafer dimension (M2) for the first time, breaking the world record.

Longi continues to set world records in their PERC cell conversion efficiencies. Their success in the R&D investments has become a benchmark for the solar industry in recent years.

As of Jan 2020:

Longi takes the lead in setting industry standards for monocrystalline wafers, M1 and M2.

The efficiency of their P-type Perc cells reaches 24.06%, setting a new world record

They offer a 30-year reliability

The efficiency of their modules reaches 22.38%, setting a new world record

Latest leap forwards for LONGi solar panels

Why LONGi solar panel

For over 20 years, LONGi Solar has focused its panel’s development on monocrystalline silicon. This has enabled them to produce high-efficiency and better-performance solar panels, which are much cheaper compared to polycrystalline modules of the same size.

LONGi panels have also won various awards, including recognition by DNV (a German testing lab) as one of the ‘top ten best modules,’ which proves the panels’ performance and durability.

The company’s rise in the market and its fast dominance is also a great sign that it will still be booming in the next 25 years.

Hi-MO X6 Explorer
Hi-MO X7
Hi-MO 5m
Hi-MO 4m
Hi-MO X6 Explorer

Cells Number 144cells 108cells 108cells 144cells
Cell Type Half Cell Half Cell Half Cell Half Cell
Power Output 565~585W 420~440W 415~435W 590~600W
Solar Panel Efficiency 22.60% 22.50% 22.30% 23.20%
Annual Power Degradation 0.40% 0.40% 0.40% 0.40%
Dimensions 2278×1134×30mm 1722×1134×30mm 1722×1134×30mm 1722×1134×30mm
Weight 27.2kg 20.8kg 20.8kg 27.2kg
Product Warranty 15 years 15 years 15 years 15 years
Performance Warranty 25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years
Operational Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +85℃ -40℃ ~ +85℃ -40℃ ~ +85℃ -40℃ ~ +85℃

Hi-MO X7

Cells Number 144cells
Cell Type Half Cell
Power Output 590~590W
Solar Panel Efficiency 22.80%
Annual Power Degradation 0.40%
Dimensions 2278×1134×30mm
Weight 31.8kg
Product Warranty 12 years
Performance Warranty 30 years
Operational Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +85℃

Hi-MO 5m

Cells Number 144cells 108cells 144cells
Cell Type Half Cell Half Cell Half Cell
Power Output 540~560W 405~425W 535-555W
Solar Panel Efficiency 21.70% 21.80% 21.50%
Annual Power Degradation 0.40% 0.55% 0.45%
Dimensions 2278×1134×30mm 1722×1134×30mm 2278×1134×35mm
Weight 27.5kg 20.8kg 32.6kg
Product Warranty 12 years 12 years 12 years
Performance Warranty 25 years 25 years 30 years
Operational Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +85℃ -40℃ ~ +85℃ -40℃ ~ +85℃

Hi-MO 4m

Cells Number 120cells
Cell Type Half Cell
Power Output 355-375W
Solar Panel Efficiency 19.50%
Annual Power Degradation 0.55%
Dimensions 1755×1038×35mm
Weight 19.5kg
Product Warranty 12 years
Performance Warranty 25 years
Operational Temperature Range -40℃ ~ +85℃

Cell technology

To achieve the high efficiency and power outputs on their panels, LONGi Solar combines the PERC cell technology, Bifacial technology, and the Half-cut cells technology.

PERC technology involves using PERC cells with passivated rear sides and laser grooving to improve the cell efficiencies.
The bifacial tech modules incorporate an AI grid that’s transparent, allowing light to be absorbed from both sides of the panel. This increases the energy yields from your solar panels.

Lastly, the half-cut cell technology used in LONGi panels has helped them increase their module’s power outputs by nearly 2% and also improves the panel’s reliability.

When combined, these cell technologies lower the panel’s hot spot temperatures by almost 10 – 20oC, lower the operating temperatures and shading losses, and increase the energy yield under high irradiation conditions.

why longi cell technology2

LONGi solar panel specification/ datasheet

Hi-MO 3 SeriesHi-MO 4 SeriesHi-MO X
Cell Number120 - 144120 - 14460 - 72
Cell TypeMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline siliconMonocrystalline silicon shingles
Power Output305 - 325345 – 455W350 - 400W
Panel Efficiency21.6%20.9%20.6%
Annual Power Degradation0.45%0.55%0.44 – 0.55%
Dimensions1672 x 991 x 35mm1755 x 1038 x 35mm (monofacial) and 2094 x 1038 x 35mm(bifacial)1762×994×35mm and 2006×994×35mm
Weight16.8 kgs19.5 – 27.5 kgs19 – 23 kgs
Product Warranty10 years10 - 12 years12 years
Performance Warranty25 years25 - 30 years25 - 30 years
Operational Temperature Range-40~+85°C
Made inChinaChinaChina

Are LONGi solar panels a good option for me?

Longi offers the best solar panels if you are looking for reliable and affordable solar power. The panels’ high quality and excellent module efficiencies assure you of excellent performance. Besides, the company has a solid financial reputation and backing, so you will not have problems with your warranty claims.


Yes! LONGi Solar boasts of an excellent financial record and balance sheet, which makes it an appealing option for customers looking for warranty solutions.

LONGi Group Corporation, one of the biggest monocrystalline silicon wafers suppliers in the world. The group has an overall total asset of $8.91 Billion.

LONGi has more than 10 production factories in the world, with China bearing nine of these factories. There’s also a massive production factory in India, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Longi headquarters, however, are in Xian, Shaanxi Province China.

longi headquarters

Around 25 years. With good maintenance, this could extend to the ’30s.

Yes! For homeowners looking to enjoy high efficiency, good power output, and cost-effectiveness, LONGi solar panels are the best.

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