TINDO Solar Panel Reviews 2024

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Even though there’s a wide selection of solar panel brands available in the Australian market, the majority are imported, with a significant number originating from China. Tindo Solar stands out as the sole solar manufacturer in Australia that can proudly claim its products are ‘made in Australia’.

The company came into existence in 2011 in Adelaide, founded with the aim of creating more jobs in the advanced manufacturing industry in Australia.

It’s one of the most highly automated manufacturing industries in the country, with a manufacturing capacity of 60MW. This makes Tindo a relatively small solar manufacturer compared to most Tier 1 manufacturers.


The number one reason to go for Tindo Solar panels is the fact that it’s an Australian-made product. Australia is known to be the home of solar technology. It boasts of some of the best photovoltaic cells research centers like the UNSW PV Engineering Faculty, and it’s also the place where Suntech, the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, found its roots.

Besides being Australian, Tindo also thrives in solar panel quality. The company subjects all its panels to intense inspections and in-house testing, ensuring that even the slightest cracks are fixed.

This earned it the top spot in the Consumer Advocates Choice independent testing report from a pool of 11 other solar manufacturers.

Tindo has also forged partnerships with some of the best solar manufacturers globally, including Q-cells solar panels, Dupont back sheets, Dow Corning edge seals, Bridgestone EVAsky encapsulant, FPE junction box, Saint Gobain Glass, and Enecsys micro-inverters.

These partnerships enable Tindo to source high-quality overseas parts, which they then engineer to form their high-performing panels.

With Tindo solar panels, you can also apply for solar battery subsidies and incentives, which will make your overall solar costs much cheaper.

Cell technology

Tindo’s strong R&D team, in partnerships with several universities in the country, allows them to use the Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) technology, busbar, and monocrystalline technologies to achieve higher power yields and efficiency.

Tindo Solar further separates its designs from the crowd with its Enphase solar inverters on AC systems. The inverters are rated to around 85degC, are dust resistant, and have an IP67 moisture resistance.

With inverters, each solar panel works individually, ensuring that decreased efficiency on one panel doesn’t impact the entire solar system’s efficiency.

Using inverters also reduces the amount of DC voltage generated to less than 50VDC (Extra Low Voltage). This reduces the risk of fires and Potentially Induced degradation.   

Are TINDO solar panels perfect for rooftop solar?

Yes! Tindo solar panels are designed to thrive in Australian conditions. Whether during the summer or winter, these panels can withstand the adverse extremes of each season.

The panels are also corrosion-resistant, making them excellent choices for homes in coastal areas.  Aesthetics is also another key reason to install Tindo solar panels on your roof. The panels were precisely designed with black cells and frames, and thinner wires, which improves its visual appearance.

Tindo Solar also provides recommendations of hand-picked CEC-certified technicians who can guarantee you excellent installations on your rooftops.


Range of TINDO panels reviewed

Tindo Solar has so far developed one solar panel series, the Tindo Karra series.

Tindo Karra 60-cell Series– Tindo Karra 240-260

– Tindo Karra 285-300

– Tindo Karra 325 PERC
Tindo Karra 66-cell SeriesTindo Karra 350 PERC
Tindo Karra 72-cell SeriesTindo Karra 375-380 PERC

Tindo Karra 60-cell series

Tindo’s Karra 60-cell model is one of the solar modules which Tindo Solar partnered with the Australian National University in Canberra to develop. It features the Karra-320H and Karra-325H modules, designed to be visually pleasing as well as boost the panel’s efficiency in smaller spaces.

Size: 1,676 x 1,005 x 40mm

Cell type: 4BB PERC Monocrystalline

Cell number: 60 cells

Output: 320 – 325W

Weight: 16 kgs

Cell technology

The Tindo Karra 60-cell panels combine PERC technology with 4 busbars to improve the current distribution of the solar panels and consequently, improve their overall efficiency.

Their full square mono-PERC cells (G1-158.75mm) design makes them perfect for grid-connected residential and commercial solar systems, and also enhances the panel’s visual appearance.

Additionally, the monocrystalline PV modules help bring down the BOS (Balance of the System) costs, lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of energy), and increase the IRR (Internal Rate of Returns).


The intense in-house testing the Tindo Karra 60-cell panels undergo improves their performance and reduces their degradation rates. The company guarantees an 80.0% output efficiency on the panels after 25 years, with a 90% output of its initial capacity after the first 10 years.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Tindo Karra outshines its competitors with its 25-year minimum performance guarantee on the Tindo Karra 60-cell panels. The premium quality they provide in all solar panels also allows them to showcase their panel’s durability with an impressive 12-year product warranty.

Peak Performance

Tindo’s Karra 60-cell solar panels are normally tested daily at the Desert Knowledge Testing Center in Alice Springs, and they’ve proven to be among the most efficient.

Under optimum conditions, the Karra-325H attains a 325W max output with a module conversion efficiency of 19.3%. On the other hand, the Karra-320H panel can reach a max output of 320W, with a 19.0% module conversion efficiency.

Panels needed for 6.6kW solar system

Tindo manufactured these solar panels to provide a solution for homeowners with small rooftops, ensuring they can get more power with fewer solar panels. As such, you’ll only need about 20 Tindo 60-cell panels to get the best out of a 6.6kW solar system.



Tindo Karra 66-cell series

Much like the Tindo Karra 60-cell panels, the 66-cell panels were designed to provide highly efficient solar modules, which are still aesthetically pleasing on the roof. It features the Tindo Karra 350 PERC modules.

Size: 1,827 x 1,000 x 40mm

Cell type: 5BB PERC mono-crystalline

Cell number: 66 cells

Output: 350W

Weight: 20kg

Cell technology

Tindo Karra 66-cell solar modules embrace PERC technology.  This technology increases the modular conversion efficiency on their panels by improving cell performance. The cells also adopt a new slim design with thin wires, which improves the panel’s overall appearance.

To boost their performance in low light and adverse weather conditions, the Tindo Karra 66-cell solar panels use a surface-texturing and an advanced glass.

Tindo also uses the film-based Dupont back sheets, which protect the panels from vapor.


Tindo Karra 66-cell solar panels frequently undergo rigorous tests, including electroluminescence and validation tests to expose defects and faults. The result is high-performing solar panels that can last decades with relatively high efficiency.

Degradation on these panels, happens at a slower rate, about 0.55% annually. So, you can expect around 90% of the panel’s initial efficiency within the first 10 years. After 25 years, Tindo guarantees an output of at least 80.0%.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Tindo backs its Karra 350 module with a solid 25-year performance warranty and a limited 12-year product warranty. They’ve also handpicked some certified installers who can offer exclusive warranties for all their panels.

This assures you that your investment is secure with Tindo Karra.

Peak Performance

Under the right conditions, the Tindo Karra 66-cell panels can attain a 350W maximum output, with a module conversion efficiency of 19.2%. The panels can also withstand a front-load of 5400pa and 2400 rear-load and heat tolerance of +/-5.

Panels needed for 5kW solar system

For a 5,000W or 5KW solar system, you’ll need 14 Tindo Karra 66-cell solar panels to generate enough energy for your property and even have excess for the feed-in tariff.

This panel is, therefore, a great module for homes with high energy demands but with poor location or small roof space.

Tindo Karra 72-cell series

The Tindo Karra 72-cell series is the most effective and best-performing solar panels from the company. The series boasts of higher module efficiencies, competing with some of the top Tier 1 brands in the market.

Size: 1,987 x 1,000 x 40mm

Cell type: 5BB PERC Mono-crystalline

Cell number:  72 cells

Output: 375 – 380W

Weight: 22kg

Cell technology

Tindo Karra’s 72-cell solar panels use PERC technology and five busbars to improve solar modules’ efficiency. PERC gives the homeowners more tilting flexibility without altering their panel’s efficiency. This increases the overall power output of the panels.

The company also embraces advanced glass and surface texturing to increase the cell’s performance under low light and poor weather conditions.

For aesthetics, Tindo Karra 72-cell panels come in black cells and frames and use thinner wires, giving it a better visual appearance.


The Karra 72-cells have an excellent power performance, comparable to some of the best Tier 1 solar panels. Tindo guarantees you at least 80.0% of the initial power capacity after 25 years.  This converts to a 0.58% degradation rate between years 2 and 25.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Under the perfect conditions, the Tindo Karra 72-cell panel achieves a maximum output of 380W with a high module conversion efficiency of 19.1%.  The Karra-375 panels in this series, however, can achieve a 375W maximum output with an 18.9% module efficiency.

Peak Performance

Under the right conditions, the Tindo Karra 66-cell panels can attain a 350W maximum output, with a module conversion efficiency of 19.2%. The panels can also withstand a front-load of 5400pa and 2400 rear-load and heat tolerance of +/-5.

Panels needed for 3kW solar system

Being the most efficient panels in the Tindo Karra series, Australian homes won’t need many solar panels to use it in their homes. A home using a 3kW solar system will only need 8 panels. This makes it very space-efficient and viable for homes with limited roof space.



Australian office?

Yes! Being an Australian owned and made product, Tindo solar has its headquarters in Mawson Lake, Adelaide, at their main factory. They also have a massive installer network that covers most parts of Australia.

Why an Australian office is important

The presence of their offices in the country makes Tindo’s customer service much better. Customers can get their warranty issues addressed quickly and also reach out quickly in case of any other problems.


TINDO solar panel specification/ datasheet

Tindo Karra 60-cell seriesTindo Karra 66-cell seriesTindo Karra 72-cell series
Cell Number60 cells66 cells72 cells
Power Output320 – 325W350W375 – 380W
Panel Efficiency19.0 – 19.3%19.2%18.9 – 19.1%
Annual Power Degradation0.58%0.58%0.58%
Dimensions1676 x 1005 x 40mm1827 x 1000 x 40mm1,987 x 1,000 x 40mm
Product Warranty12 years12 years12 years
Performance Warranty25 years25 years25 years
Operational Temperature Range-40°C – 85°C-40°C – 85°C-40°C – 85°C
Made inAustraliaAustraliaAustralia


No! Having started less than a decade ago, Tindo solar is still a small solar panel manufacturer that’s yet to make a huge stride in the financial scene. However, this doesn’t mean that the panels aren’t reliable. Tindo panels are among the most efficient solar panels available in the market today.

Keep in mind; the term ‘Tier 1’ doesn’t describe a solar panel’s quality but rather the manufacturer’s financial stability.

Tindo solar. The Australian company owns and makes solar panels using imported solar cells. They have employed about 25 employees and have automated most of their processes.

In Mawson Lake, Adelaide, South Australia, adjacent the University of South Australia Mawson Lakes Campus. So far, this is the only manufacturing factory the company uses.

25 – 30 years. Tindo Solar provides a 25-year performance guarantee on all their Tindo Kara PV solar modules. Depending on how you use and maintain the panels, their high performance can still extend to 30 years.

Yes! Compared to their competitors, Tindo’s failure rate on the installed panel modules is about 200 times lower. Based on the past five years alone, Tindo has installed around 250,000 solar panels and only reported three failures. This puts its fail rate at less than 0.001% – showing excellent reliability.


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