Znshine solar panels review

Updated: May 11, 2021

ZnShine is a leading Chinese PV Module manufacturer that has been in the solar industry for over 32 years. This Changzhou-based company strives to be the world’s largest utility-scale solar project developer.

Over its years of operation, Znshine boasts of a 6GW PV production capacity and has earned a Bloomberg NEF Tier 1 status for its bankability and financial stability.

Znshine solar offers a wide range of low-cost solar panels using the best technologies in the market. Their solar modules boast of relatively high efficiencies, ranging between 18% – 20.3% and a high reliability.

To ensure that their solar products are among the best, Znshine has subjected all their products to professional standards. Each of their modules has passed the accelerated stress testing and characterization under LLC’s Product Qualification Program (PQP).

In 2020, the company was recognized as one of eight manufacturers to achieve the Top Performer status in the Dynamic Mechanical Load (DML) test. It also showcased its prowess in manufacturing quality by receiving awards in Thermal cycling (TC) and Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) tests.

This means that their solar panels have a lower micro-crack risk, last longer and perform better in adverse weather conditions.

The company also offers a 30-year performance warranty which shows great faith in their products.

Cell technology

Znshine solar has partnered with the China University of Science and Technology to develop their solar panels using Graphene technology.
Since Graphene is strong, thin, lightweight, flexible, yet still very conductive, their solar products end up with the best power output and efficiency.

They also leverage on other cutting-edge technologies such as the single and double glass half-cells, as well as the 5 and 9 busbar system (5BB & 9BB) to ensure that each solar panel meets the industrial standards of other top brands.

Newer models of the manufacturer’s panels also employ the Bifacial technology. This means that the solar panels can now generate power from both sides of the solar panel. This helps improve the power output of the panels by around 25%.

The company’s research and development team is also working hard daily to provide advanced innovative technologies for smart manufacturing that will constantly improve their solar modules conversion rate.

Znshine soalr panel review

Are Znshine solar panels perfect for rooftop solar?

There’s no one fits all answer for this; it all depends on your home’s power consumption habits and the roof space available. If you are a heavy power consumer, e.g., commercial businesses, Znshine solar panels may not be the best panels.

This is because their panels have a relatively lower efficiency of around 18%, while top brands in the market achieve new efficiencies of more than 23%.

However, residential properties with ample roof space are perfect for Znshine. The panels are cheap, durable and designed to withstand any strong weather condition.

Range of Znshine panels

For the Australian market, Znshine has introduced nearly 46 modules of solar panels, all approved by the Clean Energy Council. However, there are three models that have become very popular among most Australian homeowners, i.e.,

  • ZNShine Double-Glass 330W
  • ZNShine 9BB Double-Glass 370W
  • ZNShine Half-cell Mono 400W
ZNShine Double-Glass 330WHalf cell technology and 5BB for improved power output

Better weak illumination response for higher power output in low-light setups

Robust, superior, and airtight, unlike other double glass modules

Easy installation due to lightweight, lower transport costs

Decorative and shading functions suitable for BIPV and BAPV construction applications

30-year performance warranty
ZNShine 9BB Double-Glass 370W9BB technology for improved power output, better temperature coefficient

Decorative and shading functions suitable for BIPV and BAPV construction applications

Better light transmission and efficiency from graphene coating

Excellent performance under low-light settings

Lightweight, easy to install and transport

30-year power warranty

Reduced power degradation from the Anti-PID feature
ZNShine Half-cell Mono 400W10BB (Multiple Busbar technology) that reduces resistance improves cell efficiency

Improved power output in weak light conditions, e.g.., cloudy weather

Certified to withstand High wind and snow resistance

Integrated bifacial technology for rear power harvesting

30-year power warranty for all products

Self-cleaning graphene coating technology for increased power production

Anti PID properties that reduce power degradation

Znshine Double-Glass 330W Series

Solar panels on this series were designed with efficiency, durability, and through output in mind. Their design enables the solar panels to be used for BIPV and BAPV construction applications making them perfect for the production of clean energy.

Size: 1696 x 1002 x 30 mm
Cell type: Half-cut cells
Cell number: 120
Output: 330W
Weight: 22kg

Cell technology

Modules in this series incorporate the half cell and 5 busbar technologies in their design which reduces their internal resistance and increases their fill factor (FF).

It also uses a graphene coating which is self-cleaning, increases the module’s power generation and reduces the maintenance costs.

The coating is also associated with excellent dirt resistance due to its hydrophilic nature. According to the manufacturers, this property can improve the panel’s output by up to 5%.

To reduce the power degradation, the series integrates anti-PID features and undergoes strict testing throughout the mass production.


The Znshine solar modules maintain a 92.5% standard efficiency after 10 years and around 95.03% efficiency within the same period for the Znshine DG module’s linear warranty.

After 25 years, the standard efficiency is around 80% and an impressive 83% after 30 years. This places the modules higher in the ranks compared to other solar manufacturers.

Its annual degradation rate stands at 0.5%, which is why the modules can last longer, even past the three decades mark with good maintenance.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Znshine offers a 15-years product warranty for residential rooftop PV systems and a 30-year performance warranty for all the modules in the series. Double glass modules, however, have a 12-year product warranty.

By exceeding the general 25&10 industry-standard warranties, Znshine places itself as one of the few reliable and trustworthy solar PV companies in Australia.

Peak Performance

Under ideal conditions, the maximum power output for panels in this series is 330W, with an efficiency of 19.71%. While this isn’t the highest efficiency in the market, the newer models boast of better power output efficiency due to the incorporation of bifacial technology.

Panels needed for 3kW solar system

If you choose these panels for your 3kW solar system, you’ll require between 9 – 10 solar panels. You might also need slightly more or less, depending on your roof size and location. These panels are ideal for small households with large roof spaces.

Datasheet: ZXM6-HLD120

Znshine 9BB Double-Glass 370W Series

The Znshine double glass solar panels in this series are among the most reliable, well-priced and most tested panels in the Australian market.

Size: 1755 x 1038 x 30 mm

Cell type: Half cut Mono PERC

Cell number: 120

Output: 370W
Weight: 22.5kg

Cell technology

Znshine uses the 9-busbar technology, which helps increase the total power output and reduces power loss. It achieves this by decreasing the distance between the finger grid lines and the busbars.

The graphene coating used for the panels increases their power generation and improves efficiency by nearly 2 Watts! This is possible because Graphene reduces light reflection on the panels and increases the amount of light transmitted through the glass.

Each module also incorporates anti-PID technology to limit power degradation.
Additionally, the panels are designed to be lightweight for easier installation and transportation.


Solar modules in this series maintain a high standard power output of around 92.5% at 10 years and approximately 80% after 25 years. This is much higher compared to the industrial standards of 90% after 10 years and 80% after 25 years.

Its annual degradation rate stands at 0.5% over the 30 years, ensuring customers receive a higher return on investment (ROI).

Warranty/ Guarantee

All double glass modules in this series come with a 12-year product warranty and 30-year linear performance warranty.

Such extended warranties prove that Znshine trusts that their products are durable and will last longer than the 25-year industry standard. Very few manufacturers can compete with this!

Peak Performance

The maximum power output of solar modules in this series is 370W under the right conditions. Its top efficiency stands at 20.31%, thanks to its excellent performance under weak light conditions.

Modules are also resistant to snow and high wind and can withstand up to 5400Pa snow loads and 2400Pa wind load.

Panels needed for 5kW solar system

The 5kW solar system will require between 12 – 15 solar panels to meet their energy requirements using solar panels in this series. They are ideal for small to medium households that don’t consume a lot of energy every day.

Datasheet: ZXM6-NHLD120 Series

Znshine Half-cell Mono 400W Series

This is one of the biggest solar module series from Znshine and generates more power than most other solar panels. It’s mainly used in commercial properties, industrial plants, and sometimes large homes.

Each panel in this series is subjected to tests and approval from international labs, ensuring that each product is top-quality.

Size: 2024 x 1002 x 35 mm

Cell type: Half cut monocrystalline

Cell number: 144

Output: 400W

Weight: 22.5kg

Cell technology

Znshine Solar has integrated a wide range of solar technologies to be able to achieve high outputs in each module. It combines the half cell technology with the 5 busbar or 10 busbar models to increase the power output of the modules by decreasing their internal resistance.

The R&D department has also introduced bifacial technology, which enables the panels to generate more power (up to 25%) through its rear side.

The cells are also still covered in the thin Graphene coating that helps improve the efficiency of the panels and reduces their maintenance costs.


Within the first year of performance, the peak efficiency for the solar modules stands at 97.5% of its total output value.

After the first 10 years, these Znshine panels have a maximum efficiency of around 92.4% of its total rated output value and about 80% after the 25th year. Its degradation rate is minimal, at around 0.5% annually over a 30-year period.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Znshine’s experience in the market has allowed it to provide a solid warranty for all its products. They offer a 12-years products warranty and around 30-year performance warranty that you can be confident they will honour.

All this is under their linear warranty, which is around 19.35% better than the standard industrial output of 12/25 years guarantee.

Peak Performance

The maximum total power output of Znshine solar panels in this series is around 400W, with a module efficiency of about 21.07%. It’s also very sturdy and can withstand adverse weather like heavy snow and wind perfectly. This makes these solar panels excellent for mounting on the rooftop.

Panels needed for 6.6kW solar system

Being among the most efficient solar panels from Znshine, you’ll need very few panels for your 6.6kW solar system. In general, an average rooftop will require 16 – 17 solar panels. It’s, therefore, ideal for commercial projects and homes with small roof space.

Datasheet: Znshine Half-cell Mono 400W Series

Australian office?

Yes! Znshine strives to expand its footprints globally with offices in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, India, Italy, Canada, the USA, Chile, UK and Australia.

Their Australian offices were opened in 2019 and are found in Parramatta, New South Wales.

Why an Australian office is important

When working with a manufacturer promising a product and performance warranty of more than 10 years, Australian customers need to be assured that the company will fulfil that guarantee.

An office in the country makes it easier for the residents to sort out and claim their warranty in case of any problems. It saves them the headache of making international calls to China.

A local office also ensures that their customers aren’t reliant on their local solar installers, who can easily run out of business. It provides some security, knowing that the manufacturer will honour their warranty.

Znshine solar panel specification/ datasheet

 ZNShine Double-Glass 330WZNShine 9BB Double-Glass 370WZNShine Half-cell Mono 400W
Cell Number120 Half-cut cells120 Half-cut cells144 Half-cut cells
Cell TypeMono PERCMono PERCMonocrystalline
Power Output330Wp370Wp400Wp
Nominal Power Voltage30.9V31.7V32.4V
Power Density192.2 w/m2203.1 w/m2197.2 w/m2
Panel Efficiency19.42%20.31%19.72%
Annual Power Degradation0.50%0.50%0.55%
Dimensions1696 x 1002 x 30 mm
(1.70 m²)
1755 x 1038 x 30 mm
(1.82 m²)
2024 x 1002 x 35 mm
(2.03 m²)
Product Warranty12 – 15 years12 – 15 years12 – 15 years
Performance Warranty30 years30 years25 years
Operational Temperature Range-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C-40°C to 85°C
Made inChinaChinaChina


Yes. Having been active in the solar industry for over three decades, Znshine is widely recognized as a Bloomberg tier 1 manufacturer.

It’s, however, important to note that ‘Tier 1’ isn’t a measure of their product’s quality. Rather, it’s a measure of the financial capacity and bankability of Znshine based on the financial records they present to the public.

Znshine solar panels are manufactured by its parent company Znshine PV-Tech Co. Ltd, a Chinese company that employs around 1,000 workers across all its factories.

All production of the solar panels is done in Changzhou, China, where the company has its headquarters. The company, however, has other smaller manufacturing facilities in India, Poland, Canada and the Czech Republic to meet the demand in these countries as well as avoid heavy import taxation.

It depends on the type of solar panel you have. Nevertheless, most panels last for up to 25 years, which is now the industrial standard, while double glass panels last up to 30 years.

With good maintenance, the panels can last a bit longer before their efficiency goes lower than 80%. In fact, the company offers a similar 30-year performance warranty to match and prove the quality of their products.

Yes! Despite being a low-cost tier one solar panel manufacturer, Znshine strives to maintain world class quality on all its products.

Their rigid in-house product testing and inspection has earned them several certifications and allowed them to remain relevant in the global sphere.

Considering that they’ve been around for a while, Znshine is definitely a reliable and good choice for solar panels.

Ben McInerney head shotAuthor: Ben McInerney is a renewable energy enthusiast with the goal of helping more Australians understand solar systems to make the best choice before they purchase. Having an accredited solar installer in the family helps give Ben access to the correct information, which allows him to break it down and make it easily understandable to the average homeowner.