10KW Solar System Price Canberra ACT

Updated: May 11, 2022

Solar power offers you a more sustainable energy alternative, and a 10kW solar system is just the right system if you have a large house with above-average power needs. This article takes you through the cost of a 10kW system in Canberra and other key numbers of the system.

A 10kW solar system in Canberra, ACT, costs about $8,429 on average. On the low-end, the system costs about $7,860, while on the high-end, the cost can go up to $10,550 or more for top-of-the-range solar panels.

The exact cost of the system depends on the quality you choose, your solar provider, and the complexity of your roof.

10kw solar panels canberra act

10kW solar system output in Canberra, ACT

A 10kW solar system produces about 38.5kWh of power per day on average in Canberra. The power output can range from 36kWh to 41kWh, depending on the amount of sunshine the panels receive per day—the annual output of the system averages at 13,140kWh.

Several factors may, however, affect the power output of the system. These include:

  • Shading issues
  • Climate/weather changes
  • Roof angle
  • Solar panels orientation
  • Solar panel quality
  • Wear and tear of the system

With a 10kW solar system, you can meet your daily power needs and lower your electricity costs significantly. This system is suitable for large homes with above-average power consumption or small businesses looking to cut their electricity bills.

What Is the payback period of a 10kW solar system in the ACT?

The payback period of solar panels in Canberra is between 4 and 5 years. The exact period depends on:

  • Your power consumption patterns
  • Daily sunlight hours in your area
  • Size of your solar system
  • Quality of the system

If you use most of the power generated by your system, you will have a faster payback period than when you export the power to the grid.

How much can a 10kW solar system save you in Canberra, ACT?

A 10kW solar system in Canberra, ACT, can save you about $1,736 to $2,202 per year. However, the exact amount depends on your daily power consumption rate or your electricity retailer’s FIT rate.

Self-consumption rate

A 10kW solar system is an excellent investment in Canberra, given the amount of sunshine the city receives. So, to get the most out of the system and have a faster ROI, it is recommended to use as much power as possible from your system.

On average, electricity costs about 25c/kWh in Australia. Supposing you use 25kWh per day, your annual power bill will be $2,250.

With a 10kW solar system, and assuming you use all the power generated by your system, you will eliminate your electricity bills. So, you will save approximately $10 per day, $300 per month, and $3,600 per year.

Solar feed-in-tariffs

If you cannot use all the power your system generates, you can send the excess power to the grid. Suppose you consume 25kWh of energy daily. Your 10kW solar system will save you about $2,250 per year.

If your electricity retailer pays you 10.2c/kWh for the solar power sent to the grid, you will save about $550.8 per year for the surplus 15kWh you send to the grid. So, in total, you can save approximately $2,800.80 annually.

However, with the current FIT rates in Australia, you may not save as much from your solar system. Also, electricity retailers are no longer obligated to pay you for your excess power.

Tip: To get maximum savings from your solar power system, use most or all of the power your system generates.

What Is the rebate amount of a 10kW solar system in the ACT?

If you live in Canberra, ACT, and would like to install solar panels, you are eligible for the Australian government solar rebate program for the ACT.

The federal government awards Australian homeowners incentives ( provided through Small-Scale Technology Certificates) to install solar panels.

The number of STCs you will get depends on the size of your solar system.

Australia has 4 STC zones, and Canberra is in zone 3 with an STC value of $38.50.

A 10kW solar system will earn you 124 STCs, so you will receive a rebate amount of $4,774 for the system.

How much roof space for a 10kW solar system?

A 10kW solar system requires between 29 to 40 solar panels, but this depends on the wattage of the panels you use.

For instance:

  • 350 watts = 29 panels
  • 300 watts = 34 panels
  • 250 watts = 40 panels

Ideally, each solar panel measures about 1.6m x 1m. So, you will need between 60 to 80 square metres of roof space for your 10kW system.

Homeowners with limited roof space could opt for panels with higher power output, but the cost could be higher for such panels.

10kW solar system in Canberra with battery backup

If you intend to use your solar power during the night, you will need a battery backup to store the excess energy generated by your solar system during the day. Battery backup also comes in handy during cloudy days when solar system output is low.

Also, if you intend to go completely off-grid, you need to invest in a good-quality battery system.

A 10kWh solar system producing 40kWh per day requires a 28kW battery system.

With an inverter, the battery system costs about $30,000, and without an inverter, the price averages at $27,500.

The overall cost of installing your solar system with a battery system can go up to $50,000.

Battery systems are quite costly and will increase your solar system’s payback period.

Is there a rebate for battery backup in Canberra?

Yes, you can get a rebate for your battery system, but it is not under the government’s STC solar rebate. Homeowners in the ACT can get a rebate of $825/kilowatt for batteries of over 30kW under the Next Generation Energy Grants program.

What are the solar panels options in Canberra, ACT?

Homeowners living in Canberra have three solar panel options: these include:

  • Poly panels – these are cheaper alternatives, but their output and efficiency is lower than other panels.
  • Mono perc panels – these have a high output and impressive efficiency, but they cost more than poly panels.
  • Bifacial panels – bifacial solar panels have excellent efficiency and high output. However, they are quite expensive and are rarely used in Australia.

There are several solar panel brands in Australia, so you have many options to choose from. Some of the popular brands include:

  • LG
  • QCELLs
  • Jinko
  • Trina
  • Risen
  • Suntech

Check out our reviews for different solar panel manufacturers to help you make an informed decision before installing solar power.


Yes. With the federal government rebates on solar panels and solar feed-in-tariffs, you will get a good ROI on your panels.

Also, Canberra receives about 8 hours of sunshine per day, which makes it a good climate for solar.

This depends on your daily power consumption profile. If you use more than 25kWh of power per day, then a 10kW solar system is the right size for you.