Seraphim Solar Panels Review 2024

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Upon comparing Seraphim solar panels with other top-tier solar panel manufacturers such as Tindo and REC, we found they hold their own quite well. However, a significant drawback is their lack of an Australian office, which could be a hurdle if there’s ever a need to submit a warranty claim.

It’s not a deal-breaker, but worth mentioning. We gave it an 8.3 overall value rating when looking at the cost, warranty, efficiency, and performance.

Below we break it down in more detail to help you make a more informed decision.

How much do SERAPHIM Solar Panels cost?

Are you looking for affordable solar power? This Australian-based solar wholesaler offers one of the best solar modules in the solar industry. Here is the average cost of the modules, fully installed. The prices include:

  • Complete turnkey solar system installation with the SERAPHIM solar modules
  • Installation by a pre-vetted solar installer from the network
  • STC solar rebate and GST
System Size (kW)Average cost (fully installed)

Note: The actual prices vary depending on location, the solar installer you choose, and the preferred inverter brand.

How are SERAPHIM Solar panels better or worse than their competitors

Cost: 9

Quality: 8

Warranty: 8.5

Efficiency: 8

Performance: 8

Value for money: 8

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

Seraphim Solar has been in the solar panel industry for only a decade, but they have become noticed in the Australian market because of their high-quality solar panels. They offer high-performing monofacial and bifacial panels with up to 21% module efficiencies and a power output of over 400W.

In 2013, Seraphim solar panels became the first to pass the TUV SUD Thresher Test. LG, SunPower, and Q-Cells also passed this test.
So, does this place Seraphim up there with these high-end brands?

Besides, these high-end brands are almost double the price of Seraphim modules. Does this mean they offer a lot more performance as well? Due to their high cost, you would expect them to perform a lot better.

The fact that Seraphim offers you excellent performance, reliability, and affordability makes them stand out from their competitors. Moreover, these panels guarantee the performance of more than 25 years, and with their high conversion efficiencies, you will get value for your money.

Does SERAPHIM Have Any Credits/Awards To Back Them Up?

Yes, Seraphim has won several awards since its founding. This is an indication that they are producing high-quality solar modules. Their awards include:

  • They were the first to pass the Thresher Test, proving that their modules can last for 25+ years.
  • They were recognized as a top performer by DNV GL/PVEL in 2019.


Product nameSeraphim S3 Bifacial SeriesREC Alpha SeriesRisen Titan Series
Manufacturer Logo
Product image
Cell Number144 half-cut solar cells120 half-cut solar cells120 solar cells
Cell TypePERC MonocrystallinePERC HeterojunctionMonocrystalline PERC
Power Output445W380W410W
Solar panel Efficiency20.47%21.7%21.3%
Company average turnover (USD)$Unknown$820 million$808 million
Annual Power Degradation0.60% per year0.25% per year0.55% per year
Number of busbars9169
Approximate cost per watt (AUD retail incl GST)$0.46$1.00$0.58
Approximate cost per module (AUD retail incl GST)$171$371$225
Dimensions2034 x 1038 x 30mm1,721mm x 1,016mm x 30mm1,754mm x 1,094mm x 30mm
Product Warranty15 years20 years (25 if installed by a REC certified installer12 years
Performance Warranty30 years25 years25 years
Operational Temperature Range-40~+85°C-40°C – 85°C-40°C – 85°C
Made inChinaNorwayChina
Datasheet supplied?YesYesYes

SERAPHIM company history

seraphim company history

Seraphim is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer that was founded in 2011, in Changzhou China. The company boasts an impressive 5GW global production capacity and over 8GW solar module shipping to 40+ destinations.

One of their biggest accomplishments was passing the TUV SUD Thresher Test in 2013 – becoming the first PV manufacturer to do so. This rigorous test showed that their panels are high-quality and can last long. In 2017 and 2019, Seraphim’s solar panels were ranked top performers by PVEL/DNV GL.

As of 2020, this Chinese company has manufacturing plants in China and South Africa and plans to expand into Indonesia and Vietnam in the next few years.

Australian office?

The one flaw in an otherwise nearly perfect solar panel is that Seraphim doesn’t have an Australian office. The company’s website only mentions a sales center in Melbourne, which doesn’t offer warranty claims services.

Seraphim has instead outsourced all their warranty claim services in Australia to the solar installers, SAE Group, which is based in Tweed head, New South Wales.

Why an Australian office is important

Since most solar panel brands in Australia come from China and Europe, customers want to have security that these companies can deliver on their warranty offers. That’s why having an office in the country is crucial.

An Australian office makes it easier for homeowners to get help when things go wrong and reduces their reliance on unreliable suppliers.

After all, no one wants to spend hours on the phone with some Chinese customer support trying to explain their case.


Are SERAPHIM solar panels perfect for rooftop solar?

Yes! Seraphim solar panels are among the best solar panels in the Australian market. The panels are efficient, reliable in power output, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Their high module efficiency makes them suitable for small roofs as you will need only a few modules.

Seraphim panels are also very durable and can withstand heavy snow and wind loads (about 5400/2400 pascals). You’ll therefore incur very little in maintenance and repair costs.

Are SERAPHIM solar panels perfect for rooftop solar

Range of SERAPHIM panels reviewed

The vast majority of SERAPHIM solar panels currently available in the solar panel industry are approved by the CEC ( Clean Energy Council) for Australia’s home solar rebate program, the Small-scale Renewable Scheme.

The models we will look at in this Seraphim solar panel review include:

  • S2 Series
  • S2 Bifacial Series
  • S3 Series
  • S3 Bifacial Series

Other Seraphim solar modules include the S1 Series, S4 Series, S4 Bifacial Series, SERAPHIM SMART, and SERAPHIM MX. You can find information about these modules on the company website.

S2 Series

Seraphim’s S2 series is one of the best solar panels in the market. They’ve become hugely popular among homeowners because of their high efficiency.


  • PERC Monocrystalline
  • Half cell technology
  • Up to 20.14% module efficiency
  • 0.60% per year annual degradation rate
  • Reduced BoS and installation cost
  • 15-year product warranty
  • 30-year linear warranty with 84.80% power output guarantee
  • 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 Pa snow load

Cell technology

The S2 series solar modules use half-cell technology to improve their performance. Cutting the panels into two enhances the nominal power output of the cells by reducing internal power losses.

This technology also improves their power yield by increasing their performance in shaded conditions and lowering the hot spot effect.

Recently, Seraphim introduced the ‘all-black S2 series modules, which combine amazing aesthetics with high performance and power output for customers who don’t want to sacrifice either.


The S2 Series solar panels maintain a 92.1% output efficiency after 10 years and an 86.1% power output efficiency after 25 years. Their low degradation rate increases the modules’ lifetime and offers a faster ROI to users.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Seraphim provides a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty for its S2 series. This is better than most other Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers who offer the standard 10-year product warranty.

Peak Performance

The maximum power output of the Seraphim S2 series output stands at 440W under the right conditions, with an efficiency of 20.14%.

Panels needed for 6.6kW solar system

Your 6.6kW solar system will need only 15 solar modules. This is because their high module efficiency and power output are enough to satisfy the property’s energy goals. Your solar installer will assess your roof and advise you accordingly.



S2 Bifacial Series

The S2 Bifacial panels feature shingled solar modules that embrace multiple technologies to drastically improve performance and power output.


  • PERC Monocrystalline
  • half-cut/bifacial cell technology
  • Up to 19.86% module efficiency
  • 0.60% per year annual degradation rate
  • 70%±10% bifaciality
  • 15-year product warranty
  • 30-year linear power warranty with 84.95% power output guarantee
  • 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 Pa snow load

Cell technology

Seraphim combines the bifacial solar technology with the half-cut cell technology in the S2 bifacial series to boost the cell module’s performance by nearly 30%. Bifacial technology allows the panels to absorb sunlight from both their front and rear sides.

Its design is also customized with lighter, 2.0mm, AR-coated tempered glass, which improves its snow and wind load and makes the cells much easier to transport and install.


Seraphim S2 Bifacial series provides up to 93.0% of its initial performance within the first 10 years and 85.4% of its power output by the 25th year.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Seraphim offers a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty on their S2 bifacial series.

Peak Performance

At its peak, the S2 Bifacial solar panel’s maximum output stands at 440W using 156 half-cut cells and a 19.86% efficiency.

Panels needed for 5kW solar system

You’ll need around 11 S2 bifacial panels to fit your 5kW solar system. This is the perfect solar panel for small rooftops and roofs that experience partial shading.



S3 Series

Seraphim’s S3 series is an upgrade of the S2 series. The development team worked to increase both its high module efficiency and power output without compromising the sleek all-black look.


  • PERC Monocrystalline
  • MBB/half-cut cell technology
  • Up to 20.70% module efficiency
  • 0.60% per year annual degradation rate
  • Low risk of hotspot effects
  • 15-year product warranty
  • 30-year linear power warranty with 84.80% power yield guarantee
  • 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 Pa snow load

Cell technology

These panels combine the half-cut technology with the multi-busbar (MBB) technology and integrate 166mm silicon wafers to optimize the panel’s module efficiency to over 20%.

MBB helps boost power output by increasing current collection paths, while the half-cut technology reduces power losses caused by internal ribbon efficiency in the solar panels.


Seraphim’s S3 Series solar panels feature a 92.1% power output efficiency after the first ten years and at least 83.1% of its initial power yield by the 25th year. With proper regular maintenance, you can easily stretch this performance to the 30-year mark.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Seraphim’s S3 Series guarantees you a 15 years product warranty and a 25 years performance warranty.

Peak Performance

In perfect conditions, the S3 series solar panel can achieve a maximum power yield of 445W and an efficiency of 20.47%.

Panels needed for 3kW solar system

Being such a highly efficient panel, a 3kW solar system would only require 6 solar panels to meet the daily energy targets.


S3 Series one black panel

S3 Bifacial Series

The S3 Bifacial Series is perhaps the most sophisticated panel in Seraphim’s solar energy production.


  • PERC Monocrystalline
  • MBB/bifacial/half-cut cell technology
  • Up to 20.70% module efficiency
  • 0.60% per year annual degradation rate
  • 70%±10% bifaciality
  • Backside power gain up to 30%
  • 15-year product warranty
  • 30-year linear power warranty with 84.95% power yield guarantee
  • 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 Pa snow load

Cell technology

Seraphim incorporates all the modern technologies into this series, i.e., the half-cut technology, MBB, and Bifacial technologies with the bigger 166mm silicon wafer to redefine module efficiency.

The half-cut cell technology and multi-busbar technology decrease the internal losses, improving cell performance and efficiency by more than 5%.


You can expect a 90.5% power output in 10 years of use with the S3 Bifacial series. The panels also offer 85.5% of their initial power output after 25 years.

Warranty/ Guarantee

S3 Bifacial series comes with a 15-year product material and workmanship warranty, and a 30-year linear power output warranty.

Compared to the standard 10/25 warranties offered by most solar panel manufacturers, these extended warranty periods show the strong backing Seraphim gives its products.

Peak Performance

The maximum output for the S3 Bifacial Series is 445W, with a 20.47% efficiency using a 144 half-cut cell module.

Panels needed for 10kW solar system

For a 10kW solar power system, you’ll need around 22 S3 Bifacial solar panels to meet your power yield targets. The panel’s high efficiency makes this a very space-efficient solar panel. You can save up to 5% of your land and roof.

Seraphim, however, recommends the S3 Bifacial Series panels for utility power stations and Large C&1 projects.


S3 Bifacial Series many small panels

Latest leap forwards for SERAPHIM solar panels

Seraphim Solar has rapidly expanded since 2011, providing reliable solar energy across the globe, Australia included.

This solar company has made several innovations that have put them in the limelight.

In 2016, they launched 18.23% high-efficiency Eclipse panels. They also launched their Dual-Glass module the same year. In 2017, the company launched the Blade module with up to 2% power yield gain (half-cell technology).

In subsequent years, Seraphim continued producing top-quality panels. In 2020, they unveiled their New S4 half-cell series that can achieve up to 540W power output and a maximum module efficiency of 21.1%.

Why SERAPHIM solar panels?

Seraphim Solar’s unique edge in the Australian market is its focus on PV technology development. With over 100 patents credited to the company, Seraphim has produced highly efficient and low-cost solar modules.

To prove their reliability, Seraphim offers more than the standard 10-year product warranty and a 25-year linear power on their solar panels. Some of their panels come with a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty.

Another big difference between this warranty and other Tier 1 companies is that Seraphim allows you to get insurance for your panels through PowerGuard.

The insurance is tailored to cover you even if Seraphim goes out of business during the panel’s lifetime. This shows great confidence in the product.

For Australian homeowners, Seraphim has also made a deal with Australian Solar wholesaler and importer Raystech group to supply 50MW of their high-performance S3 series half-cut cell solar modules in the country.

This makes the cost of going solar very affordable.


Cell technology

Seraphim adopts the half-cut cell technology on both monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells to manufacture solar panels of the highest efficiency and performance. This technology lowers the current generated in the module, thereby decreasing power losses and the impact of shading.

They also include a 5-busbar design, which improves the solar panel’s surface current collection and results in higher power output.

Most newer models, like the S3 series panels, also incorporate the 166mm silicon wafer technology in their design – and the Bifacial series makes use of the bifacial technology.


SERAPHIM solar panel specification/ datasheet

S2 SeriesS2 Bifacial SeriesS3 SeriesS3 Bifacial Series
Cell Number156 half-cut156 half-cut144 half-cut144 half-cut
Cell TypePERC MonocrystallinePERC MonocrystallinePERC MonocrystallinePERC Monocrystalline
Power Output440W440W445W445W
Panel Efficiency20.14%19.86%20.47%20.47%
Annual Power DegradationNot disclosedNot disclosedNot disclosedNot disclosed
Dimensions2180 x 1002 x 35mm2198 x 1008 x 30mm2094 x 1038 x 35mm2034 x 1038 x 30mm
Product Warranty15 years15 years15 years15 years
Performance Warranty30 years30 years25 years30 years
Operational Temperature Range-40~+85°C-40~+85°C-40~+85°C-40~+85°C
Made inChinaChinaChinaChina


To summarise this solar panels review, we would like to say that Seraphim offers good solar panels with reliable warranties. The high quality of the panels makes Seraphim outshine other companies and gives them a good reputation.

More so, Seraphim has emerged as a top performer in several quality tests. So, if you are looking for a new system, Seraphim Solar is an excellent option.


Yes! Despite being in the market for less than a decade, Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation listed Seraphim among the top Tier 1 solar panels in the market.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co, Ltd. The solar farm is based in China and has employed over 100 technicians for solar energy research and innovations.

Seraphim has its main factory in Changzhou, China. However, it also has a 300MW factory in the US and other smaller factories in Japan and South Africa.

Between 25 – 30 years. Seraphim designs and manufactures its solar modules with longevity and durability in mind.

Yes! Besides the fact that they don’t have an Australian office, Seraphim solar panels offer excellent efficiency with new technology, an impressive guarantee on all panels, and great solar cell power performance.


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